How Can Policies Support Employee Mental Health?

How Can Policies Support Employee Mental Health?

In our latest feature, we delve into the critical topic of employee mental health, gathering insights from founders and business owners. From introducing Mental Health Days to initiating a ‘Connections Hour’ policy, discover the unique policies these leaders have put in place. Here are the top four strategies they shared to support and enhance the well-being of their teams.

Introduced Mental Health Days
Implemented Flexible Work Hours
Flexible Deadlines Foster Support
Initiated ‘Connections Hour’ Policy

Introduced Mental Health Days

At Uncover Mental Health Counseling, I introduced Mental Health Days for our team. These special leave days focus exclusively on mental well-being, distinct from sick or vacation days. The policy has had a remarkable impact. Employees feel more appreciated and supported, boosting their morale and productivity. This option to take time off for mental health has significantly lessened burnout and cultivated a culture of openness. Prioritizing mental well-being has made my team more engaged, creative, and resilient. This initiative underscores our dedication to fostering a healthy work environment that values mental health.

Kristie Tse
Founder & Therapist, Uncover Mental Health Counseling

Implemented Flexible Work Hours

Flexible work hours is a policy that I have implemented in my company to support employee mental health. The traditional 9-5 work schedule can be very rigid and may not suit everyone’s needs, especially those dealing with mental health issues. As a result, I allow my employees to create their own work schedules as long as they complete their required tasks within the given deadlines. This not only gives them a sense of control over their work and personal life balance but also allows them to take breaks when needed, without feeling guilty or stressed about falling behind on their work.

Brett Iwanowicz
Owner, Brett Buys Roc Houses

Flexible Deadlines Foster Support

At eLearning Industry Inc., understanding the mental health needs of our vast network of 1,400 authors was critical. We introduced a flexible deadline policy, allowing authors to adjust submission dates based on personal needs without penalty. This seemingly simple change was transformative. It addressed the stress associated with strict deadlines, particularly beneficial for those juggling multiple responsibilities or facing personal challenges.

One memorable instance involved an author struggling with a family health crisis. The flexibility to shift her deadlines helped her manage her situation without the added pressure of work deadlines. She later shared that this policy not only helped her maintain her mental well-being but also boosted her loyalty and productivity when she returned to writing. This policy has not just retained talent but has fostered a supportive community, enhancing overall engagement and content quality.

Christopher Pappas
Founder, eLearning Industry Inc

Initiated ‘Connections Hour’ Policy

In our tech company, I initiated a ‘Connections Hour’ policy where every Friday afternoon, the team sets aside all work-related tasks to connect with each other on a personal level. This promotes better understanding, relational connections, and serves as a mental health relief from the weekly grind. The impact? Employee engagement soared. The inclusivity and connection boosted team morale—it was as if we unlocked another level of collaboration and creativity in the workspace! The ripple effect? An enhanced working environment and stronger mental health resilience among staff.

Abid Salahi
Co-Founder & CEO, FinlyWealth

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