’s HR Research Institute Announces ‘Future of Recruitment Technologies’ Advisory Board to Guide HR Research and Virtual Event

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada, the largest network of human resources (HR) professionals, has announced their 2021 Advisory Board for “Future of Recruitment Technologies” that will provide HR leaders valuable, timely insights on today’s recruiting tools and technologies through annual research and education of HR professionals. 

Working closely with’s HR Research Institute (HRRI), the newly-appointed board of industry experts and thought leaders will counsel on the most impactful topics and key areas to research within the rich and fast-moving world of recruitment and talent acquisition technologies. The research will reveal where such technology is today, what works, best practices, as well as how they are likely to evolve in the near future, providing a compelling and detailed snapshot of recruitment technologies in today’s organizations.

This state of the industry research will investigate several specific areas within the HR community including:

Which technologies help organize, facilitate and enhance the quality of the talent acquisition process, often in tandem with ATSImportant technologies such as recruitment marketing platforms, resume screening applications, assessment tools, video interviewing platforms, interview scheduling applications, recruitment chatbots and moreInquiries into how these technologies are used and how satisfied talent acquisition experts are with themImprovements via artificial intelligence and other advances

The research insights and findings will be published in a major HR Research Institute report and will be further distilled into a two-page infographic. The results will also be featured at the complimentary virtual event, The Future of Recruitment Technologies 2021, happening December 15, 2021. Free for interested HR professionals, this full-day event will include webcast sessions with experts and thought leaders. 

The advisory board’s guidance will be invaluable in ensuring both the research and the virtual event are best-in-class for HR professionals in attendance, as well as address today’s top concerns about recruitment technologies.

The newly appointed ‘Future of Recruitment Technologies’ advisory board for 2021 is comprised of the following industry thought leaders:

Nicole Barrington, Director, Marketing Operations & Events, YelloJuan Betancourt, CEO, HumantelligenceJonathan Dale, VP Marketing, Phenom PeopleAnil Dharni, CEO & Founder, Sense TalentMary Kay Evans, CMO, pymetricsCatharine Fennell, CEO and Founder, VIDEO BIOJeff Lackey, VP, Talent Acquisition, CVS HealthMadhu Modugu, Founder, LeoforceMaureen Polte, VP Products, YelloShannon Pritchett, Head of Marketing & Community, HiretualJennifer Ravalli, VP Marketing, PandologicKathy Sharo, VP Marketing, YelloSamantha Spano, Director of Marketing, JazzHRDivakar Vadlamani, CoFounder, TalScoutCarin Van Vuuren, CMO, Greenhouse

The HR Research Institute releases annual “State of the Industry” reports in a wide variety of HR topic areas and verticals from talent acquisition to DE&I and more. research reports and infographics, always free, can be downloaded anytime at


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