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To help you stay aware of the most interesting HR Tech startups in the market, we asked HR leaders and CEOs to name their best picks. From Cleary to Skilltype, they found several compelling companies you should keep an eye on.


“I met Cleary’s co-founder in Las Vegas at HR Transform. An ex-Twitter software engineer, he recognized that there was a real opportunity to deliver a world-class digital employee experience from onboarding to every moment that matters. Of all the companies I came across at HR Transform and other HR conferences, it seems that Cleary is tackling a simple problem that has plagued businesses for a long time. And, given their big tech backgrounds, the team is doing it in an elegant way. I have no doubt they’ll be successful, and I’d expect most companies to rethink their “digital lobby” as the distributed workforce becomes more common.”

We asked HR leaders and CEOs to name compelling companies you should keep an eye on. #HR #HRTech Share on X

Brett Farmiloe, CEO


“One of the more interesting HR tech companies today is SeekOut out of Bellevue, Washington. It has 1,050% five-year search growth and $188 million in funding, including $65 million closed during a a Series B round. It’s attracted funding from Tiger Global Management, Mayfield and Madrona Venture Group. What makes SeekOut most interesting is how it uses AI technology to help those who are recruiting to understand applicants better. This is producing more positive hiring outcomes.”

Baruch Labunski, CEO
Rank Secure


“Co-founded by Jennifer Paxton, a career vice president of people, and Brian Mooney, a career entrepreneur. I’m watching this startup closely. Jamyr provides on-demand video content for recruiting, helping talent acquisition and people professionals to elevate their company’s employer brand through authentic employee testimonials.”

Tracie Sponenberg, Chief People Officer
The Granite Group


“There is no doubt that learning and development is one of the fastest growing HR categories in the world. As teams increasingly move to a remote environment, old school in-person training is going to become a thing of the past, while virtual training will become the norm. Yet, many L&D digital training programs feel like they’re straight out of the 90s. That’s where startup Continu comes in. With powerful, beautiful and integrated employee learning software, their hope is to power learning in the modern workplace. They are an especially interesting company to keep an eye on as they just received their Series A funding this year. With a $13.5 million investment from Five Elms Capital in January, they are poised to lever up and make a splash in 2022. I would expect them to become one of the preeminent HR learning platforms over the next five years.”

John Ross, CEO
Test Prep Insight


“A startup to keep an eye on in 2022 is Deel. The company offers payroll software specifically designed to manage and pay contractors based all over the globe. Contract work is becoming increasingly common, in part due to the Great Resignation. Many employees have left full-time positions working directly for companies and are shifting to freelancing and working for themselves. Companies are also increasingly hiring contractors because of the flexibility involved. Software that can handle onboarding, training and paying contract employees no matter where in the world they’re based is looking towards the future of work.

Dave Rietsema, Founder & CEO


“Due to the Great Resignation and staffing issues occurring across the country, any HR startup that optimizes the onboarding process has a high chance of success in 2022. Workstream is an automated recruiting software product that I have high expectations for. The technology expedites the hiring and onboarding process, making onboarding quicker and easier for HR teams and job candidates. It can manage job postings across multiple platforms, simplify the application process, automatically schedule interviews, collect onboarding documentation and provide data on the overall process – automating a job that can be highly time-consuming, especially when employee retention is low and hiring is a consistent concern.  

“Its overall optimization of HR practices will make this technology useful for many companies, making it a popular software implementation for this year.”

Roy Morejon, President & Co-Founder
Enventys Partners


“Today’s job boards are antiquated and only focus on the work a person will do for a company, not why they should want to work for that company. Wenn is the HR startup we should have our eyes on because of its employment matchmaking platform. It focuses on finding not just a job you can do, but the employer you want to do it for. Their platform humanizes job searching for the modern-day candidate by focusing on what the individual wants out of their next employer (culture, benefits, position) and using AI to match them to their ideal employers. This innovative platform allows companies to tell their story and job seekers to organically connect with the companies whose culture fits their vibes.”

Eric Torigian, Managing Director
CHRO Solutions


“Almost everyone has heard the name of Headversity. If they haven’t, they will soon. Prioritizing mental health has been on the rise and Headversity is just awesome with it. It is super-beneficial for employees who are dealing with mental health issues by helping them through training and sessions. The thing that differentiates it from other apps like Calm or Headspace is that it comes with two types of training, solo and team. Later it also gives data insights so that the leaders or managers can keep all the data and see how it’s going on. Hence, everyone grows in the right place.”

Meera Watts, CEO
Siddhi Yoga International Pte. Ltd.


“In recent years, a rise in the awareness of workplace-related mental health issues has prompted many organizations to boost their employees’ workplace well-being. That’s become even more important due to the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, which seems to be going nowhere. 

“Unmind is a holistic mental health platform that provides employees with tools to analyze, understand and improve their mental wellbeing. The HR professionals receive access to anonymized analytics that demonstrates their employees’ overall mental well-being. Users can access the platform from any device, making it suitable for today’s dispersed workforce. Headquartered in London, the company’s platform supports more than 2 million professionals worldwide. They raised $47 million in a Series B round during May 2021.”

Agnieszka Goulin, Head of People

Papaya Global

“As an HR manager, it’s beneficial to pay attention to the next best startup on the scene. For 2022 I’d say that Papaya Global is fast becoming the latest object of desire for those in the know. Global payroll is notoriously tricky, requiring businesses to accurately manage costs, compliance and statutory obligations across numerous jurisdictions. 

“This SaaS platform provides one of the most complete global payroll solutions available. In addition to payroll processing for over 160 countries, it can be used for recruiting, onboarding, performance management and even equity management. The company is still in its hyper-growth phase and anticipates that continuing into its fourth year. This will certainly be helped by its ability to adapt to current trends such as remote working, working from home and global mobility.”

Wendy Makinson, HR Manager
Joloda Hydraroll

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