15Five’s New Features Offer Real-Time, Customized Performance-Management Support

15Five Spark AI

15Five’s latest platform enhancement includes an AI-powered assistant that helps managers more effectively support their teams, along with a redesigned HR Outcomes Dashboard that lets employers identify and deploy data-driven performance-management strategies.

The assistant, called Spark AI, is meant to be used by managers, employees and HR. Accessible from anywhere within 15Five’s platform, it supports managers with real-time recommendations to help them support their team. Spark AI offers:

  • Summaries and digestible trend lines on metrics such as engagement levels and where team members might need support.
  • Tips on conducting more effective one-on-one meetings.
  • Guidance on improving performance reviews and suggestions on when to check for potential bias.

Spark AI is designed to help HR and employee managers identify the most important performance-management outcomes and build strategic plans using their own data, said 15Five Head of Product Jeff Smith. After deployment, the platform support managers with AI-assisted coaching in the flow of work.

An ‘Evolved’ Dashboard

Just five months after its launch, 15Five “evolved” its HR Outcomes Dashboard to offer new analytics tools, customized advice and guided recommendations for managers. Specifically, the enhancements include:

  • Real-time insights that help HR leaders identify areas of focus. For example, the dashboard could highlight that 46% of employees feel misaligned on expectations with managers, which indicates that clarity of roles require improvement.
  • Recommendations customized to the employer’s objectives and culture.
  • Guided actions for managers offered within the flow of work. For example, managers struggling with employee feedback could access microlearning courses on constructive feedback and holding more regular one-on-one meetings with team members.

To provide new learning content for managers, 15Five partnered with Athena Online, which will provide video courses through Transform, the platform’s training and coaching solution. Employers can deploy these courses based on their prioritized outcomes and the manager’s biggest growth opportunities.

Image: 15Five

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