3 New Features on Tap for BambooHR

BambooHR Time Tracking

BambooHR Time Tracking

BambooHR introduced three product features at its BambooHR Summit last week: an employee net promotor score calculator, time-tracking and a new mobile hiring app.

BambooHR’s message has always focused on culture and the way employers treat their workforce. So it’s no surprise that CEO Ben Peterson’s presentation positioned the new features squarely in that context. “HR outcomes are business outcomes,” he noted at one point. “All business metrics tie to HR.”

Here’s the details on each.

Employee Satisfaction with eNPS

Incorporated into BambooHR Advantage, Employee Satisfaction with eNPS is based on the net promoter score concept developed in the early 2000s by Bain & Company. The big difference is the obvious one: Rather than measure customer loyalty, eNPS measures employee satisfaction. By using anonymous surveys, BambooHR’s eNPS provides reports on workforce satisfaction and identifies ways to improve an organization’s culture, the idea being that honest feedback is more likely to result in meaningful improvements.

Employee Satisfaction with eNPS works by asking a two questions. The first is simple: “How likely are you to recommend [the employer] as a place to work, on a scale of 0 to 10?” The second is an open-ended follow up that allows users to explain their reasoning. The system then uses keyword analytics to assign comments to different areas of the organization. From there, management can get a sense of what changes should be made to increase employee satisfaction.

Early access to eNPS is available now, with general release scheduled for this summer.

Time Tracking

BambooHR’s Time Tracking add-on allows employees to track hours and PTO all in one place, Peterson told his audience. Its goal is to streamline the work of HR practitioners and payroll administrators by making it easier for them to gather hours-worked and approvals. That. in turn, that should minimize the occurrence of late and/or mistaken payments.

BambooHR says that nearly 70 percent of its customers employ hourly workers and one-third of them are in need of a time-tracking solution. It also said that over the last three years, time-tracking has been the most-requested solution from prospects.
Time Tracking will be officially introduced in June, though early access is available now.

Mobile Hiring App

BambooHR’s mobile app is designed around in-house recruiting needs, specifically those of internal recruiters, hiring managers and the HR department. The app speed ups the hiring process by identifying qualified candidates more easily, and by allowing users to directly review cover letters, resumes and applications, the company says. Users can also coordinate with other members of the hiring team and use the app the communicate directly with candidates by phone or email.

The iOS version will be available this summer, with its Android companion following early in the third quarter.

Notes From the Summit

About 275 people attended the conference this year—its second—an increase from the 225 who were at 2017’s initial event. BambooHR attributed the rise to a longer promotional campaign, and noted that 25 percent of the attendees also attended last year.

From hallway and lunch conversations we had with attendees, that proportion of returnees isn’t surprising. BambooHR takes an unusual approach to its conference, devoting most of its session time to best practices in areas like diversity, employee experience, coaching and compliance. While a “BambooHR Bar” was set up to assist users with product issues, the formal presentations were light on pitching. Customers seem to have picked up on that. One practitioner, who attended both this year and last year, said the Summit was a place where she “learned so much.”

Peterson said BambooHR’s headcount now stands at about 350. The company’s customers are typically organizations with between 50 and 1,000 employees. According to CompareHRIS.com, the company has about 7,000 customers including brand names like Asana, Reddit and Vimeo as well as lesser-known firms such as the Utah entertainment company Ice Castles and the California-based Construction company Stacy and Witbeck.

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