4 Most Wanted HR Technology Solutions

4 Most Wanted HR Technology Solutions

Technology is evolving rapidly, but sometimes not fast enough for our needs. There are still tools that would save time, money and energy for HR teams and companies holistically that have yet to be developed. From empowering HR with ethnographic data science to equipment return software, HR and business leaders have many solutions on their “most wanted” list.

Empowering HR With Ethnographic Data Science

My most wanted HR technology solution would be an employee engagement and performance management platform that combines ethnographic insights with anthropologically-informed data science. Such a solution would allow organizations to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural norms, values and beliefs that shape employee attitudes and behaviors.

By using ethnographic research methods, such as interviews and observations, to gather qualitative data on employee experiences and feedback, the platform could provide a more holistic view of employee engagement and performance. Then, by integrating data science based on anthropological training sets, the platform could analyze and interpret this data to identify patterns and trends.

This would enable organizations to make more informed decisions about improving employee engagement and performance and creating a more positive and productive work culture.

Matt Artz
Business Anthropologist, Azimuth Labs

The Everything Integration Tool to Reduce HR Tech Stacks

The biggest pain point we have with our HR tech stack is having too many tools, which leads to data existing in silos. My dream HR tech solution would be the “anything integration platform” where I could sync all of our different system data in real-time and ensure that data fields are mapped to each other.

Brett Ungashick
CEO & CHRO, OutSail

Employee Feedback Analysis Tools

One uncommon HR technology solution that I would want to see is the adoption of sentiment analysis tools. Sentiment analysis works by using natural language processing technologies to review employee feedback survey data and determine what underlying emotions are driving the responses. It can automatically identify negativity, frustration or dissatisfaction among employees to help inform HR decisions on how best to address areas of potential conflict within the workforce. This would enable employers to make well-informed decisions on any issues that could affect employee morale and productivity.

Grace He
People and Culture Director, teambuilding.com

Equipment Return Software For Remote Work Shifts

We recently expanded our return software solution to include equipment returns and exchanges for employee onboarding and offboarding. And wow! It’s taking off faster than expected; we had no idea the market was this demanding. It’s telling of how the “new normal” will be for hybrid and remote workers.

Michael Lazar
Executive, ReadyCloud

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