Abundantly Launches AI Content Generator Within Employee Recognition Software

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Abundantly, developers of a “reimagined” employee recognition platform, released an AI-enabled content creation tool. Called Amplify, the product generates content whenever employers are creating materials for personalized employee recognition.

For managers and employees who want to create an effective recognition experience, crafting a meaningful message can be difficult and time-consuming. Abundantly’s new technology takes a few basic ideas (or “inputs”) and generates personalized messages that can be further edited or otherwise tweaked by the creator.

In a blog post, Abundantly said its AI technology analyzes a message’s underlying sentiment and emotion, then uses them to generate a new version that emphasizes a user’s intended meaning. Users can choose to send an amplified message as is or edit it further to make it their own.

Making It Easy

Abundantly is seeking to “make it easier to send a note of appreciation or praise for employees’ contributions,” said Randall Diamond, Abundantly’s founder and chief recognition evangelist.  “We don’t want barriers getting in the way of employee recognition and this new AI tool helps humans sound more like humans.”

Roughly, Amplify works through the following process:

  • Users select a recipient for an on-the-spot message
  • Users select a core value
  • With a few clicks and suggestions for topics, AI does the writing
  • Next, users click “Amplify”
  • An “expressive” message is created with options to edit or add emojis

The AI can generate short messages or long paragraphs used in the Abundantly platform, the company said.

Abundantly’s employee recognition platform simply sets in motion a chain of events to positively impact organizations, the company said. The company offers integration with various third-party platforms such as ADP, Boomi, Workday, SAP, LinkedIn, Slack and Sage. Recognition can be given in the form of images, e-cards, and fun GIFs.

Image: Abundantly

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