ActivTrak Calendar Integration Adds Meeting Data to Productivity Analysis

ActivTrak Breakdown

ActivTrak added a calendar integration feature that offers users a view into both online and offline meeting activity. The solution measures digital and non-digital meeting activity across the workday, offering managers a more complete view of productivity for remote, in-office and hybrid employees.

The quest to reform meetings by focusing them, cutting back their time and tracking their cost isn’t new. Research by – which provides meeting transcription, summarization and collaboration services – said professionals spend over one-third of their working hours in meetings. The study also found employers could save at least $25,000 per employee each year by reducing “unnecessary” meeting attendance.

Traditionally, employers have not been able to keep track of the time spent in face-to-face meetings, ActivTrak said. That’s made it more difficult to understand just how employees are spending their days. Especially with companies exploring a return to the office with either shortened weeks or hybrid workforce policies, that kind of data has become more important to executive decision-making.

Data from Meeting Breakdowns

ActivTrak’s calendar integration automatically gathers meeting data from employee calendars to show how workers divide their time between online and offline work. Combining meeting and location data provides further impact analysis on where productive meetings happen, the company said.

Available now, the tools allow users to examine meeting breakdowns by team and individual employee, Compare total work hours by location, determine if office work leads to more collaboration and team-building, and assess compliance with workplace policies. It also differentiates between breaks and offline meetings.

“Offline meetings create a significant blind spot in understanding how employees work across teams and locations,” said Javier Aldrete, ActivTrak’s senior vice president of product. The calendar integration can provide “complete visibility into how employees spend their time, and how that time translates to productivity and performance.”

In March, ActivTrak added workforce capacity and impact analysis features. Workforce Capacity is a dashboard that provides a “visual snapshot” of employees’ workloads based on collected data. Impact Analysis conducts A/B testing on a company’s work programs to help assess organizational change and its effects.

Image: ActivTrak

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