Alight Worklife Adds New Features to Better Engage Employees

Alight Worklife Optimization

In the pursuit of increased employee engagement, Alight added new features to its Worklife platform, including digital experience features, expanded integrations and tooling, and guidance capabilities.

One of the more notable enhancements impacts the company’s AI virtual assistant, Ask Lisa, which can now respond personally to more employee inquiries. Ask Lisa is now also equipped to handle annual benefits, giving employees the option to re-enroll with their current benefit program automatically.

The company hopes the release will help better engage employees by delivering a digital experience designed to connect them with their wellbeing ecosystem, said Alight Senior Vice President of Product Josh Welch. 

Benefits and Wellbeing

Other features added to Worklife include:

  • Health Pro Connection: Users needing guidance for their healthcare needs can now choose between expanded self-service capabilities or connect to personalized assistance with a live Health Pro.
  • Control Center: A self-service administrator suite has been fully integrated into the platform. The suite integrates tools and insights for administrator roles to help increase productivity and simplify daily administration.
  • Journeys: Employers can create personalized, guided experiences through which employees can find and utilize  programs that can improve their personal and family wellbeing.
  • Customer Care Technology: Natural language technology and smart routing capabilities that more easily and seamlessly connect users to the right resources.
  • Expanded Platform Ecosystem: A significant expansion in partner integrations and content libraries enable Worklife’s portal experience and AI-based Program Optimization solution. The platform now integrates over 115 program-detail pages across 65 vendors.

In March, Alight reported 7.4% revenue growth in 2022, to over $3 billion dollars. Nearly a third of that came in during the year’s final quarter. The company also approved a two-year strategic transformation plan, which will include a restructuring program to accelerate development of back-to-office infrastructure and leverage technology to reduce costs.

Image: Alight

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