Alight’s New Platform Focused on Data, Personalization

Alight Worklife

Alight Solutions launched a new enterprise platform designed to facilitate more personalized interactions with employees.

The platform, Alight Worklife, engages employees with personalized information, presented at the moment they need it. The system allows employees to connect with HR and benefits applications whenever they need to, while employers can review and leverage analytics to provide more targeted support. Worklife’s tools are also integrated with a mobile app.

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Employers can benchmark against industry metrics based on human capital and business data managed by Alight for more than 4,300 organizations and 30 million employees and family members.

The platform uses a data engine and AI to send personalized HR and benefits recommendations to employees to their preferred channel or device. This, Alight said, allows employees to make better decisions and maximize use of their benefits.

Alight’s Cloud

Worklife incorporates three cloud-based solutions: 

  • Health Cloud: Administers benefits, navigates healthcare systems and provides personalized support to employees.
  • Wealth Cloud:  Highly personalized tools designed to help workers navigate financial uncertainty, manage day-to-day obligations. 
  • Payroll Cloud: Deliver payroll to preferred channels, including digital wallets. It also helps employers analyze global pay data.

One of the challenges Alight aims to address is information overload. “Employers have a unique opportunity to help their people who face a constant barrage of information in their digitally-driven lives, but have trouble understanding what’s important and how to act on it,” said Colin Brennan, the company’s chief product strategy & services officer.

The company makes a similar pitch for employers. Chief Product & Technology Officer

Greg Goff said that for all the money being invested in transformation, companies are seeing only minimal return because new systems and approaches haven’t translated into an improved employee experience. Worklife can help address that with “unique insights into how employee decisions and behaviors are impacting top- and bottom-line performance.”

Worklife’s launch comes two months after Alight introduced Virtual Employee Events, a digital events platform with heavy personalization. Through “spaces” like lobbies and exhibit halls, the platform delivers tailored content and communications to employees, helping connect them with HR, benefits providers and counselors.

Image: Alight Solutions

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