BambooHR Enhances Performance, Sentiment Tools


BambooHR launched product features designed to help organizations better understand employee performance and sentiment. The new solutions give employees the option to offer additional sentiment context when providing employee net promoter score feedback, and provides managers with more control over when and how they request performance management assessments.

Amy Frampton, BambooHR’s head of marketing, said that as the Covid-19 pandemic begins to recede, many workers are examining their careers and workplace satisfaction “with renewed interest.” That means employers “have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this engagement and mitigate potential employee turnover by enabling a deeper understanding of both how their employees are performing and how they feel about their workplace.”

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The new features now available include:

Impromptu & Skip Assessments

BambooHR’s performance appraisal software uses a few brief questions to encourage action while limiting subjectivity and speculation. The company said this creates higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance and more opportunities to address problems in the moment instead of six months down the line.

Meanwhile, new assessment capabilities give customers the option to skip an assessment in some circumstances and request impromptu evaluations. In the past, customers with Performance Management enabled had to complete assessments during an active review cycle. In certain cases, such as for new or transferred employees, this could lead to blank or rushed assessments with unhelpful data.  

Additionally, managers can now request impromptu assessments, giving them more flexibility to request feedback during more relevant times. For example, many managers check in with new employees at 30, 60 and 90-day intervals. The new impromptu assessment feature facilitates these check-ins possible and ensures a more consistent approach.  

Manual Sentiment for Employee Satisfaction

BambooHR Employee Satisfaction helps employers uncover potential issues faced by their workforce create plans to address them. The survey delivers an instant eNPS score along with an in-depth understanding of the opinions and feelings behind it through anonymous, open-ended employee comments. After the software analyzes these comments, enhanced reporting gives admins the ability to see the top likes and dislikes in their organization and how many promoters, neutrals and detractors are talking about a certain subject.

With the upgrade, customers can clarify the sentiment behind each comment no matter what score the employee gave, allowing them categorize constructive criticism from promoters and bright spots from detractors. This gives customers even greater accuracy as they track the most commonly talked about topics around eNPS surveys.

Performance Management Course

BambooHR Learning provides educational content that helps employees improve their performance. The new course Mastering Performance Management teaches essential, data-driven performance management principles.

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