Beamery Adds Virtual Events as More TA Platforms Shift Focus Online

Beamery Virtual Events

Beamery became the latest recruiting platform to introduce digital events product as the COVID-19 pandemic forces employers to seek new ways to meet candidates.

Shelter-in-place requirements have disrupted the interview process as well as the use of campus career fairs and other on-site events. Employers and recruiters say videoconferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet are helping to fill that void, as are one-to-many applications that allow companies to introduce themselves to groups of candidates.

Beamery became the latest recruiting platform to introduce virtual events as the pandemic forces employers to find new ways of meeting candidates. @BeameryHQ #HR #HRTech Share on X

Beamery’s new module, Beamery Virtual Events, allows users to create and manage online events using pre-packaged templates for landing pages and campaigns used to invite, remind and follow up with candidates. The module’s designed to help employers transition their events strategy into the “work-from-home reality,” while meeting needs involving areas such as diversity and veterans hiring.

“Virtual Events is a great first step—not just as a product but as a program to share recommended content and best practices for our customers,” according to Beamery President Sultan Saidov. The product can help companies nurture their existing pipelines as well as attract new talent, he said.

In introducing Virtual Events, Saidov suggested that candidate experience will play an increasingly important role in talent acquisition, even as the process moves online. (Or especially as the process moves online.) “The experience that companies provide to candidates in the coming months will be one that you are remembered by for years to come,” he said.

Virtual Events, Real Experience

Saidov’s not alone in that belief. A number of recruiting and HR leaders have told us that how organizations treat candidates and employees during the pandemic and its aftermath are going to be critical to their developing a robust talent pipeline and retaining their most effective employees. “What companies do now is what companies are going to be remembered for,” said one vendor executive.

That seems counter-intuitive now that 22 million people file filed unemployment claims in the last month. However, some business leaders expect the economy to regroup at a reasonable pace once the coronavirus begins to fade. That’s one reason many employers, even those who’ve suspended hiring, are nurturing their candidate pipelines.

“Now, the focus is on sourcing job seekers and building up a qualified talent pipeline. We are preparing for when hiring picks back up, post-pandemic,” said Keca Ward, senior director of talent experience at Phenom.

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