Beekeeper Launches Frontline Intelligence to Watch Sentiment, Productivity

Employee Meeting

Beekeeper launched a new AI-powered Frontline Intelligence platform, which is intended to help managers better understand employee sentiment and productivity. The product leverages GDPR-compliant AI technology to do sentiment analysis without the need to conduct employee engagement surveys, Beekeeper said.

With Frontline Intelligence, the company aims to help organizations make more informed business decisions and better support the needs of their frontline teams. In addition, the product can proactively identify employee concerns before they escalate to affect productivity and retention.

Frontline Intelligence includes a dashboard that provides real-time analytics on employee productivity and task completion, which will help provide insights into where improvements are needed by identifying trends from daily task execution. It also has tools to track employee onboarding and engagement. The product will also allow companies to compare their performance with benchmark data from other frontline businesses.

AI-Powered Insights

Beekeeper said that even though frontline workers represent 80% of the global workforce, managers lack key insights about their teams and need suggestions on how to improve their performance. Beekeeper said it introduced Frontline Intelligence to take a step toward leveraging AI to close the disconnect between frontline workers and management.

“As ML and AI technologies continue to evolve, frontline industries are at a turning point,” said Beekeeper co-founder and CEO Cris Grossmann.  “The data is clear — an engaged and supported frontline workforce improves a company’ bottom line.” AI-generated insights can employers engage their workforce in “different and smarter ways” to help make more informed decisions and drive better business outcomes.” 

In November, Beekeeper raised $50 million in Series C funding. At the time, the company said it would use the investment to continue its product development efforts and hiring.  In June, the company announced a strategic partnership with HR consulting services provider PredictiveHR. The agreement was meant to help foster innovation, expand market reach and “deliver enhanced value” to customers, Beekeeper said.

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