Betterworks Releases AI Performance Management Solutions

Betterworks Releases Generative AI Performance Management Solutions

Betterworks unveiled three new generative AI capabilities as part of the next generation of its Intelligent Performance Management solution. According to the company, the products will make creating clear goals, giving impactful employee feedback and having meaningful and productive performance conversations easier.

“Generative AI accelerates the realization of our vision to make the performance process efficient, effective and fair and enable everyone in an organization to work at their highest potential,” said Betterworks CEO Doug Dennerline.

In addition, the products also further the commitment to taking a responsible approach when it comes to AI that’s “grounded in transparency, human-centricity, privacy, and stringent governance,” the company said.

Actionable Performance Management Data

According to Betterworks, the performance management generative AI additions include:

  • Goal Assist draws on an employee’s performance data from Betterworks modules to help employees write clear goals that are aligned with their team’s and company’s goals, saving time and effort and promoting achievement.
  • Feedback Assist provides leaders with personalized, constructive and unbiased feedback for employees, leading to greater trust and focused career planning. The tool summarizes feedback over a selected period of time to provide a comprehensive view of an employee’s accomplishments.
  • Conversation Assist improves the quality and clarity of manager communications by drawing on employee goals, feedback, recognition and other data to help managers clearly and confidently coach, express their expectations and provide actionable takeaways for employees.

With the products, the company hopes to help relieve administrative burden and turn employee performance data into accurate and actionable insight with AI.

In March, Betterworks launched a one-on-one meeting module to help facilitate more effective and efficient meetings. The product, called Betterworks 1:1, supports preparation, execution and further action to help manage one-on-one meetings, so both parties can view each other’s goals and action items. Betterworks said the shared visibility provides context to help align the conversation with what each person is trying to accomplish.

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