BQE Software Launches Core HR Product for Professional Services Firms

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BQE Software launched Core HR, a module of its BQE Core product that provides salary-history and benefits tracking, employees journal and incident tracking as well as certification, awards, paid time off and performance reviews.

Core HR automates a number of the operational tasks that go along with workforce administration, BQE said. Besides allowing HR staffers to spend more time on development-related work, the module is meant to help employers remain in compliance with various laws and regulations.

BQE Software launched Core HR, a module that automates many operational tasks that go along with workforce administration. #HR #HRTech @BQECore Share on X

Core HR provides connects to BQE Core’s project management and accounting modules. As a result, the system can provide employers with a detailed view of each employee’s financial impact. Drawing data from other components of Core allows managers to see a truer picture of an employee’s full-year cost, then compare it to utilization rates, realization rates and effective bill rates.

Shafat Qazi, BQE’s founder and CEO, said the company’s goal with Core HR “is to free up hours of time for all our users within every function of the business so you can focus on profits and grow your people.” Vice President of Marketing Setareh Motamedi said the addition of the HR module to Core’s overall package offers professional services firms with an “all-in-one software to run their whole business.”

Core is BQE’s flagship product. The company’s solutions are used by professional services firms—such as architects, engineers, accountants, attorneys, IT specialists and business consultants—to enter and manage information for time-tracking, billing, project management and accounting.

Headquartered in Torrance, Calif., BQE says it has more than 400,000 users world-wide. Earlier this month, it launched an AI tool that, it said, has the ability to answer question in context. So, for example, when employees ask for their current to-do list, the system will also remind them of past-due items.

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