Cadient Releases Solution to Streamline, Speed Hiring Process


Cadient’s new solution is designed to simplify and speed the hiring process for both candidates and hiring managers. The product, Cadient HireNow, quickly identifies qualified candidates for a job, then notifies the hiring manager so they can send a conditional offer.

HireNow, which plugs into Cadient’s ATS, is configurable, so it can meet each employer’s specific recruiting needs, the company said. The system recognizes candidates who are a good fit for a specific job based on how they answer a few questions.

.@CadientTalent HireNow quickly identifies matching candidates, then notifies hiring managers so they can send a conditional offer letter. #HR #HRTecj Share on X

Company CEO Jim Buchanan said HR professionals, already pressed for time, are faced with a constant need to identify and hire qualified candidates. “Hiring managers who are stretched thin can use Cadient HireNow to make an offer in one click to the ones that emerge as a good fit,” he said.

Rapid Succession

HireNow’s launch comes just months after Cadient released Cadient Decision Point, a recommendation engine that analyzes applicants in real time and presents hiring managers with a short list of top candidates from which to choose. HireNow goes a step further by initiating the hiring process and offering employment to the best candidates.

Launched in May 2021, Cadient Decision Point is a recommendation engine that works with any ATS to “instantly” analyze all applicants and present hiring managers with a short list of top candidates from which to choose. Cadient said that with Decision Point, the review of job candidates that used to take hiring managers days to complete, if they were done at all, can be accomplished in a faster, more effective manner.

Decision Point identifies the characteristics of a company’s top-performing employees and applies that data to find candidates most likely to succeed.

The product uses machine learning and AI combined with analytics to identify candidates, without human emotion or bias creeping into the equation. Once they receive its recommendations, managers can focus on the top candidates to fill open positions.

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