Ceridian Adds Dayforce Intelligence Tools, Streaming Pay to Wallet

Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian added new features to its Dayforce platform, including a suite of talent intelligence tools as well as a streaming pay feature for Dayforce Wallet.

Dayforce Talent Intelligence is a suite of talent management tools that Ceridian says are powered by AI and data. The point is to enable “fair, equitable and efficient talent decision-making,” even while an employer measures the effectiveness of its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

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Somen Mondal, Ceridian’s general manager for Talent Intelligence, described the product as “technologies that leverage AI to connect disparate talent data sources and deliver recommendations.”

The idea of talent intelligence is to use AI in conjunction with distinct data sets. That should allow organizations to evaluate data more efficiently, Ceridian said. The end result is faster and more informed talent decision-making, plus the objective measurement of workforce demographics. The company maintains its capabilities will allow employers to do a better job of aligning their workforce strategies and business goals.

According to Ceridian’s research, employers are leaning into advanced technologies to enhance their talent management capabilities. Some 46% reported that they plan to use AI tools for recruiting and talent management, Ceridian said, while another 42% are already doing so.

Dayforce Talent Intelligence will begin to rollout in 2022.

Streaming Pay

Meanwhile, Ceridian said a streaming pay function is being added to Dayforce Wallet, automatically delivering earned wages to workers at the end of each work day and eliminating the need to request earnings on-demand.

“Technology has disrupted every part of our financial lives, except how we are paid,” said Seth Ross, general manager of Ceridian’s Dayforce Wallet and Consumer Services. “Dayforce Wallet, and now streaming pay, meets this challenge head-on by enabling workers to access their earned wages when they need them.”

Dayforce Wallet helps workers request pay and receive their earned wages in real-time, at no cost to them or the employer. It leverages the Dayforce platform’s continuous calculation engine to ensure taxes and other withholdings are managed as part of an accurate and compliant payroll system, Ceridian said.

A Harris Poll commissioned by Ceridian that found 8 in 10 U.S. workers would prefer to have their pay automatically streamed into their bank accounts as they earn as opposed to dealing with the traditional two-to-four week pay cycle.

Streaming pay will be available in 2022.

Image: Ceridian

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