Ceridian Launches AI-Based Career Development Tool

Construction Workers

Ceridian launched Dayforce Career Explorer, an AI-powered solution that aims to help improve engagement and retention by “allowing employees to manage their careers.” The product will provide employees with more access to data-driven career pathing, opportunities for learning and development and job notifications for open roles, the company said.

The Career Explorer, which is powered by the Dayforce existing skills engine, also helps employers to provide opportunities for internal mobility by matching their workers with open roles and projects. With the new product, the company hopes that organizations can address turnover and retention while reducing time and resources that would otherwise be spent on recruitment.

In addition to all that, Dayforce said Career Explorer will help organizations:

  • Improve retention by offering employees clear career paths with the actionable steps required to reach their goals.
  • More quickly and efficiently fill high-priority roles by leveraging talent already inside the organization.
  • Improve succession planning by identifying candidates for internal hiring and promotion.
  • Use data and advanced AI-based analytics to understand the skills of their workforce and potential gaps.
  • Create a culture of learning and development to engage and upskill employees.

The Supply of Talent

Ceridian said that, with the current market and labor shortages, many businesses are competing to attract and retain talent. In addition, the company recently found in its Pulse of Talent report, that a vast majority (84%) of employees globally say having a clear career path makes them more committed to their employer.

“Nearly every organization is challenged with employee retention and skills shortages, and that opens big opportunities for employers willing to rethink traditional career pathing,” said Ceridian General Manager, Talent Intelligence Somen Mondal. “Using AI and machine learning, Dayforce Career Explorer puts employees on the right track to achieving their career goals, while helping organizations build a flexible, resilient and modern workforce.”

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