ChatGPT’s iOS App is a Big Deal for Small Businesses

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OpenAI’s launch of an iOS app has the potential to benefit small businesses in a number of ways.

According to the website Small Business Trends, the app allows ChatGPT to, in a streamlined way, access the AI’s capabilities from iOS-driven smartphones and tablets. It also allows voice input, and can synchronize session histories across devices. ChatGPT Plus subscribers will gain access to GPT-4 from their devices, as well as early access to improved response times and other features.

The app offers several features that could be important for small business owners. One is instant answers, which allows user to avoid multiple results or pages of advertising. This, the website said, could provide fast access to information that’s needed during decision-making.

Also available will be customized advice, which business owners can use to access information and guidance on, for example, travel plans or creating business messages in a certain tone of voice. This is important, Small Business Trends said, because creating more impactful messages could boost a small business’s effectiveness.

Coming Into View

For some time, the market for small business HR technology has been active but under the radar. Going back to early versions of Intuit’s QuickBooks, businesspeople have used information.

Although most discussions focus on large companies, time-savers like those offered by ChatGPT can be important to SMBs that are stretched for time and resources. Even the smallest of businesses have someone who’s thinking about employee-related issues, and they’re probably performing other tasks while they do. Today’s AI applications offer real help.

In a post sponsored by Paysafe, the Harvard Business Review said: “With its capability to automate processes and personalize experiences, AI, including platforms such as ChatGPT, has become an invaluable asset for businesses of all sizes.” Indeed, Inc. reports that 41% of the SMBs surveyed by American Express prioritize AI to help them make business decisions.

“AI has the potential to revolutionize the way small businesses operate, providing a competitive advantage and enabling them to scale and grow in new ways,” said the HBR. “It’s essential for businesses to stay up to date with the latest advancements in AI and embrace AI-powered tools and platforms to remain competitive and achieve success in the digital age.”

Updated May 31 to add report from Inc.

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