Cornerstone’s New Talent Experience Platform Melds Learning, Talent Solutions

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Cornerstone OnDemand released its Talent Experience Platform, a new solution designed to streamline the way HR and talent acquisition leaders develop their workforce. The TXP combines a portfolio of learning and talent solutions with human-centered experiences and talent intelligence.

Cornerstone said it aims to deliver a personalized, end-to-end experience that connects development to new growth opportunities. That will help ensure alignment between talent strategy and business outcomes, the company said, while meeting the workforce’s expectations at the same time.

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The platform has an AI-powered engine that collects, analyzes and surfaces skills, content and people data. This is meant to help leaders manage talent pools, visualize skills, match supply and demand and map skills to performance.

TXP also has an open architecture designed for cross-platform integration and connectivity to HR and business applications across the organization.

Leveraging Talent

Cornerstone has recently seen demand grow for technologies that can help business leaders engage an increasingly diverse and demanding workforce, close critical skill gaps, retain talent and  improve organizational agility.

“In today’s tumultuous macro climate, companies are scrambling to retain, reskill and remobilize their employees to meet new demands for growth and transformation on an ever-evolving and increasingly competitive playing field,” observed Cornerstone CEO Himanshu Palsule.

Recently, Cornerstone also expanded its content portfolio with new technologies designed to collapse boundaries between content producers and learners, content and skill building. Cornerstone said the technology will support organizations as they develop future skills and drive nurture transformation. The company also launched new Cornerstone Originals content, with each course designed to develop and strengthen emerging skills.

Cornerstone also acquired EdCast, a learning experience platform software provider, and has begun adding capabilities and integrations into the product. The acquisition was aimed at developing new approaches to experiential learning, content and skill-building with the end goal of helping employers improve people growth and business productivity.

While the TXP has already launched, the company plans to follow it  with new components early in 2023. These will include a talent marketplace and skills innovations built on the foundation of EdCast, as well as a content studio.

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