New Cornerstone Tools Stress Continuous Performance

Performance Conversation

Cornerstone OnDemand launched several products focused on internal communications and employee learning. They’re all designed with an eye toward increasing engagement by helping companies develop learning-heavy cultures.

Leading the list is Cornerstone Conversations, which will be added to Cornerstone Performance suite this fall. Conversations is designed to encourage productivity, growth and—of course—engagement by facilitating conversations among team members.

At the same time, the company announced Cornerstone Create, a microlearning content-development tool, and Express Class, which enables managers to create and run “impromptu training” within Cornerstone’s LMS. It also announced an integration of its learning platform with Salesforce.

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Cornerstone’s been highlighting its learning tools recently. In April and May, the company offered SMBs a free trial of its PiiQ LMS, along with a 15 percent discount on subscriptions. The company has also said that some 90 percent of its customers consider a culture of learning to be very important, though at least 40 percent admitted they hadn’t yet created such an environment.

“One of the most effective ways to learn is when training is integrated into daily workflow so that the right skills are developed at the right time and in the right way to ensure those new skills stick,” said CEO Adam Miller.

Continuous Performance Conversations

With Conversations, the company’s building up its capabilities in continuous performance management. The module allows managers and employees to begin conversations with anyone on their team so that feedback can be shared regularly. In addition, Cornerstone said Conversations can facilitate coaching.

Conversations includes meeting templates based on management and coaching best practices. These include check-ins, coaching and performance review conversations. HR administrators can also create their own templates depending on their needs. The tool should fit neatly into many workflows through its ability to integrate with communication tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Slack.

Cornerstone calls Conversations “a hub” that merges continuous performance with long-term talent development efforts. The product’s designed to keep both manager and employee goals visible by allowing users to track progress and adjust goals as necessary. The module also recommends L&D courses to employees based on their role, goals and feedback. It’s also tied into Cornerstone’s subscription learning content service, Content Anytime.

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