Deskless Worker App Adds Features to Aid Operations

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Communications app added task-management, data-checklist and biometric authentication features to aid enterprise compliance, operations and security efforts and provide more detailed workforce management data.

The new tools are intended to help “improve and streamline” the workload of deskless employees. Managers and supervisors find it increasingly difficult to track assignments, deadlines and status updates, said Praveen Kanyadi, co-founder and vice president of product.’s new features are meant to address those challenges, he said.

Deskless worker app @Groupe_io adds features to aid compliance, operations, security & provide more workforce data. #HR #HRTech Share on X, which regularly compares itself to Slack, said its differentiator here is the ability to tailor features for specific departments that rely on deskless workers. The Task Manager lets managers assign work to team members individually or in groups and set deadlines and priorities. The tool can also track progress in real time until a task is completed.

The Data Checklist, meanwhile, allows operational managers to create digital checklists customized for their processes. They can also attach supporting images, spreadsheets and other documents.

The biometric login was created through a partnership with ThumbSignIn, an omnichannel authentication platform. Using the feature, deskless workers can sign into multiple systems using fingerprint biometrics or Apple’s Face ID. (The company said it doesn’t store or transmit biometric information.)

On the back end,’s mobile platform compiles and analyzes user data to provide intelligence for management decision-making. Its dashboard also presents users with performance reports based on their daily work habits and missed deadlines. launched in 2018, the first product of the mobile app platform provider SpotCues. A unit of Pramati Technologies and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., said it currently has 50,000 users. That’s tiny compared to Slack’s 10 million, but seems to focus its efforts on deskless workers in industries such as retail, hospitality and aviation while Slack casts a wider net.

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