Deskless Workforce Management Tools: Lessons from Industry Innovators

Deskless Workforce Management Tools Lessons from Industry Innovators

In today’s dynamic landscape of businesses, the effective management of deskless workforces has become paramount. Explore the tools leaders use to cater specifically to the unique needs of deskless employees, offering solutions that range from streamlined scheduling and real-time collaboration to insightful reporting and analytics.

Streamlining Operations with Deputy

We’ve successfully adopted Deputy, a workforce-management tool. This software has significantly streamlined our operations, especially for our frontline employees. Deputy helps us to create and distribute schedules efficiently, and employees can access their schedules and request time off via a mobile app. 

One standout feature is the time-and-attendance tracking, which integrates with our payroll system. This has reduced manual data-entry errors and improved payroll accuracy. Moreover, Deputy’s communication tools enable real-time updates and messages to our dispersed workforce. The reporting and analytics feature has been instrumental in monitoring labor costs and optimizing staffing levels. 

Overall, Deputy has enhanced our scheduling, time tracking, and communication processes, resulting in better workforce management and improved operational efficiency for our deskless workforce.

Dhari Alabdulhadi
CTO and Founder, Ubuy Kuwait

Enhancing Workflow in Athleisure Apparel with Trello

At DasFlow, we’ve successfully adopted Trello, a cloud-based project management tool, for our deskless workforce. Trello allows real-time collaboration and task tracking, which has been instrumental in streamlining project coordination, especially among remote teams. 

By optimizing communication and workflow management, we’ve created a sense of connectedness and transparency, enhancing overall operational efficiency. I’d absolutely recommend such a tool to any organization managing deskless or remote teams.

Nicolas Krauss
Founder and CEO, dasFlow Custom Polo Shirts

Centralizing Insights for Efficiency with MyCheckins

For managing our deskless workforce efficiently, we integrated MyCheckins into our operational framework. This tool prompts our team to answer three pivotal questions:

  1. What have I accomplished since our last meeting?
  2. What are my in-focus/in-progress tasks?
  3. What obstacles are standing in my way? What do I need help with? Anything to discuss in our meeting?

By centralizing these insights, MyCheckins has significantly streamlined our operations, fostering clear communication and ensuring that team members remain aligned, engaged, and aware of both accomplishments and impending challenges. The platform’s simplicity and focus on key questions have made it an invaluable asset in our deskless workforce management strategy.

Jaya Iyer
Marketing Manager, Teranga Digital Marketing LTD

Improving Efficiency with ShiftHero

Our book service and publishing organization successfully implemented a deskless-workforce management tool called ShiftHero. This software streamlined our operations by simplifying scheduling, communication and task tracking for our field-based sales and marketing teams.

ShiftHero allowed us to create customized schedules effortlessly, factoring in employee availability and preferences. It also facilitated real-time communication through a mobile app, enabling our deskless workforce to stay connected, share updates and collaborate efficiently.

Moreover, ShiftHero incorporated GPS tracking and geofencing features, ensuring that our team members were where they needed to be. This improved accountability and reduced instances of missed appointments or sales opportunities.

Vikrant Shaurya
CEO, Authors On Mission

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