Dice Adds Instant Messaging Tool for Candidates, Recruiters

Dice Instant Messaging

Dice launched an instant messaging service, another feature aimed at facilitating communications between candidates and employers from within the job board’s platform.

Earlier this year, Dice unveiled an anonymous email feature that allows both candidates and employers to keep their identity private until they feel comfortable enough to reveal their identity. The company also launched Recruiter Profiles, which allows employers and recruiters to create profiles and link them to posted jobs.   

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DHI Group CEO Art Zeile said described Instant Messaging as a way to help eliminate communications barriers on both sides of the hiring discussion.

Recruiters can access the feature from within both Dice’s TalentSearch and application results. Candidates can use it to connect with recruiters, in addition to using Recruiter Profiles.

Instant Messaging’s Just a Step

In a blog post, Dice said its foremost priority in building Instant Messaging was to “develop a service that would allow logged-in candidates to communicate with recruiters in an easy, frictionless way.” The feature is integrated with Dice’s email platform, allowing users to receive notice of new messages when they’re not logged into the site.

In its announcement, Dice said Instant Messaging is “an important next step in the evolution of Dice” toward its ultimate goal of becoming a comprehensive platform for searching, matching and communicating in real time. During parent company DHI Group’s third-quarter earnings call, Zeile called the feature “the second critical ingredient for full marketplace capability.”

The first ingredient was Recruiter Profiles, which Zeile described as “the first major release in Dice’s transformation from a job board to a full-scale career marketplace.” Zeile said Dice wants to provide a “trusted environment” where candidates and recruiters can research each other and safely communicate.

Disclaimer: Mark Feffer once worked as Dice’s managing editor.

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Image: Dice

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