Dice Releases ChatGPT Tool to Customize Cover Letters

Dice Jobs Screen

Dice announced Dice AutoPen, a tool powered by ChatGPT that auto-generates cover letters for technology professionals to use when applying for jobs through the company’s mobile app.

The product creates cover letters that are personalized not only to the user, but also to the job and the company they’re applying to. As part of the process, candidates can review and edit cover letters and submit them with their application.

“Writing cover letters have long been a polarizing part of the hiring process, but one that employers still pay attention to when sorting through applicants,” said Dice CEO Art Zeile. He called AutoPen “another example of how Dice is leveraging AI to make the job application process more efficient…”  

Dice said AutoPen, like their other AI products, was designed with an eye toward “taking the pain out” of both sides of the recruiting process. In addition, the company said the product’s goal is to help recruiters connect with ideal candidates while matching tech professionals with their next job.

Job Matches

At the same time, the company launched Dice Match, a product that automatically connects the skills, title and experience of professionals to jobs available on the Dice platform. Using the company’s knowledge graph alongside machine learning models, Dice Match assigns a score to each candidate based on how well their experience and skills match a given job .

“[Candidates] can immediately see how well each job fits with their skills, level of experience and job titles, effectively eliminating jobs with poor scores from consideration and increasing the time they spend on those that provide the best potential,” Zeile said. “Subsequently, the increase in quality and relevant applicants allows recruiters and HR professionals to spend less time on sourcing, interviewing and hiring for their open tech roles.”

In March, Dice launched Dice Match, which leverages patented taxonomy to show tech professionals the jobs they are most qualified for. Within six weeks, the company said, nearly 120,000 users saw their score for an active job listing, which resulted in an increased job apply rate.

Image: Dice

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