Docebo Update Focuses on Personalized Learning

Docebo Coach

Docebo announced a series of updates to its learning platform. The company said its new version, Docebo 7.8, is designed around personalization but also includes enhanced administration tools.

At the update’s core is a new AI-powered virtual coach—called, well, “Docebo Virtual Coach”—designed to proactively guide each individual user. CEO Claudio Erba likened the feature to a “personal trainer dedicated to making you better at your job.” Using the coach, he said, will help learners keep track of deadlines, find relevant information within their workflow and highlight learning opportunities.

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Using a conversational interface, the virtual coach sends users push notifications about content or learning activities to be completed, makes personalized content recommendations, sends progress reminders and answers content-related questions.

Docebo Discover for Learning Teams

Another feature, Docebo Discover, helps learning teams curate personalized content based on the skills each learner wants to develop. The tool works automatically, so administrators don’t have to manually search for content that matches each user’s needs.

When using Discover, learners identify areas of improvement or skills they want to focus on. The tool then suggests a number of skills relative to their role and helps them identify additional skills relative to their job title. The system then cherry picks relevant content from the internet and uses it to popular a “My Areas of Improvement” channel.

The company also launched Docebo Mobile Pages, which allows administrators to develop customized mobile learning environments for different groups of users, using drag-and-drop, widget-based interface.

Finally, said it’s partnered with forMetris, a company that measures learning impact, to provide insight into enterprise learning activities. The integration provides qualitative data through out-of-the-box surveys and reports that can be easily scaled. Docebo said the feature allows training managers to make data-driven decisions as they craft their learning strategies.

Earlier this month, Docebo reported third-quarter revenue of $10.6 million, a 54 percent increase from the year-ago period. Subscription revenue rose 55 percent, to $9.8 million, and annual recurring revenue rose 51 percent to $40.2 million.

Docebo said the revenue increase was “primarily attributable” to revenue from new customers. Its customer base from about 1,470 in September 2018 to 1,640 this year, and that the average per-customer contract value rose from about $18,000 to some $24,000.

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