Eightfold Launches New Integration Tool for Talent Intelligence Platform


Talent platform provider Eightfold launched RPA Talent Connect, a tool that can integrate any talent management system with its Talent Intelligence Platform.

The company claims it’s now the first in its space that’s not limited by enterprise customers’ legacy systems.

Without requiring an API, RPA Talent Connect syncs the Talent Intelligence Platform with a customer’s existing system and allows the connection to be used “within days.” The integration will help customers maintain workflows and accurate systems of record while gaining using Eightfold’s platform. RPA Talent Connect integrates with ATSs, HCM systems and learning management systems.

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Eightfold founder and CTO Varun Kacholia emphasized the seamless nature of Talent Connect’s integrations. The system “allows us to remove the IT burden from our customers by leveraging the power of AI, so they can provide value to their organizations more efficiently,” he said.

Seamless Integration Tool

Eightfold’s hoping to attract customers by making it simple to integrate existing systems with its Talent Intelligence Platform, thus giving talent acquisition teams a single platform to work with. Talent Connect also lets customers incorporate additional sources of information, the company said, allowing employers to offer career-planning recommendations, skills mentoring, succession planning and other services to their workforce.

Essentially, Talent Connect automates the process of logging into an existing system, then entering and extracting data. While it works in conjunction with APIs, it also overcomes their limitations, Kacholia said. APIs, he noted, “may not work for all of the data our customers need to access in real-time or may not adapt to software changes.” Talent Connect can extend to new technologies as necessary.

Eightfold said Talent Connect can be especially useful for integrating homegrown systems or technology that’s no longer supported. It can also help businesses that rely on multiple systems because it allows them to Eightfold as a “system of intelligence” while retaining the existing systems of record.

Eightfold raised $28 million in Series C funding last April, bringing its total investment raised to $55 million. Its customers include Conagra, Tata Communications and DigitalOcean, and it has channel partnership arrangements with SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Greenhouse, iCIMS and Jobvite.

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