Eightfold Unveils ‘Talent Upskilling’ to Help Employers Develop Worker Solutions

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Eightfold AI launched an Eightfold Talent Upskilling solution. Building on the company’s Talent Intelligence Platform, Talent Upskilling helps organizations meet critical talent needs and develop their own network of employees, candidates and contingent workers. And, it helps them understand talent gaps and provides a personalized development plan for every employee.

Nowadays, Eightfold said, businesses need the right talent with the right set of skills if they’re to compete and stay ahead. Enterprise organizations struggle to meet their skill needs, which are often exacerbated by attrition. As roles grow more complex and skills evolve more quickly, Eightfold believes all companies have become reliant on the expertise they can build by upskilling their existing workers.

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This is not accomplished solely through coursework or learning modules. Meaningful upskilling today requires on the job training, short term assignments, new projects and information sessions designed explicitly to fulfill the complete potential of the modern workforce, Eightfold said. The company’s Talent Intelligence Platform provides a holistic solution for using AI to upskill all talent.

Identify, Understand, Help and Track

Eightfold Talent Upskilling involves a five-step process:

  • Identifying skill gaps and setting goals for each employee, benchmarking against other organizations.
  • Understanding every role through a “Job Intelligence Engine” that integrates with both HR systems and work systems.
  • Using AI to understand how each individual learns, including how they can best develop skills and match them to personal developmental goals.
  • Helping individuals upskill themselves by providing a Career Hub that combines courses, projects, internal jobs and mentorship programs.
  • Tracking and measuring their progress through analytics.

“Candidates and employees are joining, and staying, at the organizations that support their ongoing growth,” said Ashutosh Garg, Eightfold AI’s CEO. “Candidates and employees are joining, and staying, at the organizations that support their ongoing growth. Upskilling is a continuous process, and having access to a platform that develops every individual effectively is invaluable today and essential for the future.”

Mike Bertolino, EY’s global people advisory services leader, agreed. “As new skills emerge and old ones become irrelevant, businesses need to assess their current capabilities against future needs,” he said. “Deploying AI and advanced analytics is the best way to solve this pressing issue at pace and at scale.”

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