Employees Embrace Generative AI at Work, Whether Employers Like It or Not

Analyzing Code

Despite the hesitation of many organizations, more than half of employees are using AI in their daily work, with 54% using the technology regardless of whether their companies have a usage policy, or even allow it.

In the HR department, 66% of professionals use AI to get their work done, according to a report from Betterworks.

Primarily, employees use generative AI to tackle strategic work, idea generation/brainstorming, simple writing (such as emails and summaries) and technical work.

Generative AI for Good

Overall, nearly two-thirds of employees (66%) and 78% of HR professionals report being either eager to leverage generative AI to remove bias in HR practices such as employee training and development, performance evaluations and promotions, employee feedback and workplace DEI.

Some 61% of employees believe GenAI will promote a more fair and inclusive workplace. At the same time, However, 57% worry GenAI the technology could unintentionally introduce and perpetuate bias because of issues factors such as historically biased data and difficulty understanding the complexity of AI decisions.

Just under half of employees believe generative AI will positively impact their work by making them more efficient. However, nearly a quarter said they expect to see some kind of negative impact on their roles.

To address those concerns, Betterworks recommends that organizations enable employees to use the technology in a way that align with organizational values.

Employers should make it a point to transparently communicate their view on generative AI, explain how it might impact employees and let workers know if and how to reskill and upskill, the company said. This is particularly relevant since 48% of participants expressed increased confidence in using AI when they received communication from their company. Meanwhile, 46% said it was important to have guidelines for its use in the workplace.

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