EY, SAP Collaborate for User Proficiency Management

SAP Dynamic Teams

EY and SAP will collaborate to develop a user proficiency management solution. The companies said the offering will help companies that are adopting new IT systems and migrating software to define required proficiency levels, measure users against these targets and identify corrective actions for underperforming employees.

The collaboration is part of the EY’s and SAP’s long-term strategic alliance, which the companies have maintained for upwards of 10 years. The organizations said that the partnership began with the mutual goal of meeting the growing demand for HR transformation initiatives to help clients “drive performance through their organizations’ HR and talent strategies.”

“All companies understand that to get the most out of a new IT system they need their employees to be proficient users of the software,” said EY Global Energy SAP Leader David Townshend. “However, historically it has been a challenge to quantitatively assess user proficiency.” 

Employee Performance and Skills Management

The software uses SAP’s user experience management (UEM) application by Knoa to provide real-time insights into user behavior. In addition, the UEM enables “quantitative measurement” of employees’ performance. It leverages EY’s data collection and reporting to identify employees who need additional training to reach target proficiency levels.

“In light of recent global events, it has become increasingly important for large organizations to enable their employees to deliver optimum performance in fully remote or hybrid work environments,” added Townshend. “The EY organization and the SAP UEM solution help companies to objectively assess user performance, leading to improvements in training and performance within the production system.”

In November 2022, SAP SuccessFactors unveiled its second half 2022 release, introducing features designed to help organizations “create an agile and future-ready workforce.” At the start, select customers will have access to three new features: skills ontology, growth portfolio and dynamic teams.

At the time Senior Vice President, Product & Design Amy Wilson said the new modules provide “significant updates” to the SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite, without requiring customers to implement an entirely new solution. 

Image: SAP

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