Findem Integrates Generative AI Throughout Its Talent Data Cloud

Findem AI

Findem has integrated generative AI capabilities throughout its platform. Built on a time-ordered foundation of three-dimensional people and company data, Findem’s Talent Data Cloud will now provide ChatGPT-enabled insights across the entire talent lifecycle. The company said it’s one of the first HR technology providers to embed this type of AI into its workflows.

Findem generates entirely new talent data, which it calls “attributes,” from the skills, experiences and characteristics of individuals and employers across time. The company claims to have substantially more data about candidates than can be found in a conventional resume or profile. That, it said, allows the platform to leverage generative AI in hiring workflows. 

Because Findem’s data is exclusive, users can ask questions and get answers that wouldn’t be available anywhere else, said CEO Hari Kolam. “We’re leveraging attributes and generative AI to give talent teams the data edge and reach their top potential,” he said.  

Embedded All Over

A new AI assistant has been embedded throughout Talent Data Cloud’s workflows, offering questions and prompts users can employ to retrieve necessary information. The capabilities allow talent acquisition professionals to get help with searches, personalized campaigns, reporting and market intelligence. In addition, they can ask questions about a specific candidate, such as how much an employer grew during their tenure or whether employees are loyal to them. 

Examples of the questions that can be asked include:

  • Give me a list of senior software engineers in the Bay Area with eight or more years of experience who are skilled at Python and have worked at a B2B startup.
  • Show me U.S.-based CFOs at companies that are owned by private equity firms who have experience driving a company from a negative operating margin to a positive one.
  • Who are the people within my organization who have been with the company one year and would be great for this job.
  • Where are our skills gaps vs. our competitors?

“This integration marks the first stage in our broader and longer-term strategy to redefine and automate tasks and workflows using an AI-first approach,” said Kolam.

Findem’s generative AI is in beta mode with select customers. The company expects to move it out of beta in September.

Image: Findem

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