Fountain Adds New Platform Capabilities to Streamline Process


High volume ATS provider Fountain released new recruiter tools meant to help support scheduling and interviewing of hourly workers. The update includes the ability for candidates to book time on recruiters’ calendars and to help with arranging both in-person and online interviews. The result, Fountain hopes, will be less wait-time for candidates in between steps in the process, as well as fewer tasks and emails on the part of recruiters.

The company is operating in a pressured market. According to The Wall Street Journal, some high-volume employers have eliminated required interviews as part of their hiring process. UPS, Home Depot and the Gap have all backed away from making interviews as a compulsory part of their process.

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“The abandonment of the job interview, while still a rarity, is happening at companies trying to fill certain roles as the labor market slowly cools from its rebound from the pandemic, the Journal said.

“Particularly for organizations who are hiring for hourly roles, recruitment teams are constantly trying to fill positions with employees who are ready to work,” observed Daphne Carmeli, a member of Fountain’s advisory board. “To address evolving economic needs, TA teams should identify their current ineffective and time-intensive hiring processes, and look for ways to automate and streamline efficiencies.”

Pain Points and Markets

In September, Fountain launched a series of platform updates designed to enhance the applicant experience, including a messaging integration with WhatsApp. The idea was to make it easier for applicants to apply through a multimedia messaging service  from anywhere in the world. 

At the time, the company said the most common pain point faced by applicants when they’re looking for work is waiting. On average, applicants seeking hourly work apply to 4-5 jobs per day, Fountain said. Its system has been integrated with customers across a variety of industries including retail, hospitality, food and beverage and logistics.

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