GoCo Integrates AI Features Into Its Platform

GoCo Team Screen

HR software provider GoCo has integrated AI capabilities into its platform. The company, which focuses on small- and medium-sized businesses, said its new capabilities will help customers “streamline operations and maximize efficiency.”

Later this year, GoCo plans to unveil its AI Knowledge Base, which is designed answer employees’ frequently asked questions. The Knowledge Base will act like “ChatGPT for HR policies,” the company said. Employees will be able to type their questions directly into the system and receive responses as the AI searches their company’s policies and documents.  

AI-driven document features were first introduced as part of GoCo’s spring product release. The features allowed users to automate the creation of templates for documents such as job offers and contractor agreements, as well as the documents themselves.

“With the addition of our advanced AI capabilities, we are empowering organizations to elevate their HRIS experience to unprecedented levels,” said co-founder and CEO Nir Leibovich. “This is just the beginning of our AI journey….” 

AIs for SMBs

When the spring release was announced, GoCo said its features would add more flexibility to its solutions and further its vision of modernizing the HR experience. In addition to the AI, the release’s major components included time tracking geofencing, an updated workflow UI and embedded payroll. At the time, Chief Product Officer Michael Gugel said the release would further the company’s goal of creating an all-in-one HR platform.

SMBs make up 44% of American GDP, nearly 50% of employment and roughly half of the $370 billion companies spend on technology. Rattled by economic uncertainty, they’re becoming more sophisticated in their approach to purchasing. Meanwhile, HCM technology executives say solutions providers are developing new data, recruiting and other products. Those are both good things, especially as HR technology becomes both more advanced and more affordable.

An unconfirmed report from ZoomInfo said GoCo’s revenue stood at around $19 million during its latest, unspecified financial period.

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