Greenhouse Launches ‘Tailored’ Report Builder

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Recruiting solutions provider Greenhouse has added new features to its Report Builder for Power Reporting Users, Pro and Enterprise customers.

Greenhouse ScreenshotGreenhouse Report Builder allows users to customize reporting in the most relevant way possible for their organization, as well as personalize it for the needs of each user. Reports can be built to show pipeline funnel visibility, observe trends over time and compare key metrics. The feature’s aim is to let users see recruiting data how and when they want it, the company said.

Report Builder gives users “a middle point” between Greenhouse’s existing ready-made reports and its more powerful Business Intelligence Connector, Alex Powell, the company’s senior manager, product management told the HCM Technology Report. By giving users access to reporting capabilities that appeal to every level, Powell says Greenhouse has become “even more competitive” in the market.

“We created Report Builder to support the talent industry’s move toward a much more data-driven approach,” Powell said. “We believe that being data-driven is more than just undertaking a one-time reporting project. The only way to apply insights from data in a meaningful and impactful way is to continuously collect, share and action these insights about talent processes.”

For example, the feature allows users to generate:

  • Trend reports that examine movements by roles, offices, departments and sources over time, thus providing historical insights.
  • Pipeline reports that break out activity to provide a granular view of every action an organization’s talent function takes so they can be reviewed in the context of their results.
  • Multiple metrics reports, which allow users to manipulate X and Y axes to compare and analyze metrics they choose.

Leveraging Existing Tools

Previously, Greenhouse offered two reporting options, one for each end of the user spectrum. The first is a built-in reporting feature that presents answers to some 40 commonly asked questions, Powell explained. The other allows users to conduct more sophisticated reviews of their complete data set, but requires a business Intelligence team to support and maintain

Report Builder fills the gap by allowing talent professionals to explore data and answer complex questions without needing BI support. Powell also touted its ability to share, schedule and automate reporting functions.

Powell calls Report Builder a foundation. “We’ll be continually adding features and new data into reports to help people answer critical reporting questions,” he said.

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