GSoft Launches Talentscope to Help Teams Map Skills

GSoft Talentscope

Canadian technology company GSoft released Talentscope, a new platform designed to help teams map and assess their skills more effectively. The company hope Talentscope will help it provide organizations with the information they require to assess the changing needs of their workforce and survive in today’s volatile labor market.

“In a fast-paced market, companies that fail to invest in their talent get leapfrogged by competitors that do,” said GSoft CEO Simon De Baene. His company created Talentscope to help “people-first organizations” address this challenge.

Talentscope uses AI to give employers a clear view of their team’s capabilities and blind spots. The product also formulates clear career paths for employees, which  can help organizations retain their top talent.

In addition, GSoft said the product “doubles as an internal talent marketplace that pairs talent with the right mentors and projects for career and organizational progress.”

Understanding and Maximizing Potential

GSoft aims to help teams and organizations map their available skills, develop talents and accelerate growth to create more fulfilling and productive workplaces.

Talentscope also allows HR to:

  • Map & Scope Skills: Map their team’s skills in minutes, avoiding common long turnarounds.
  • Plan the Workforce: Make data-driven workforce planning decisions based on timely skills-based insights.
  • Develop and Retain: Design skills-based career paths that keep the workforce engaged and fulfilled.
  • Unlock Internal Mobility: Break down silos and tap into the workforce’s full potential with an internal talent marketplace that boosts mobility, performance and employee happiness.

“This solution leverages top macroeconomic and technological trends to help businesses future-proof their workforce and gain a competitive edge,”  said Guillaume Roy, GSoft’s co-founder and head of product.

The launch comes about three months after GSoft acquired Didacte, a Quebec-City-based company that offers a corporate learning management system that supports and optimizes professional development. 

Image: GSoft

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