Gusto Partners With Remote to Streamline Global Hiring

Gusto Remote

Gusto partnered with Remote to introduce an integration, Gusto Global powered by Remote. The product will allow customers to onboard, pay and manage remote workers internationally. Using Remote’s API, Gusto Global helps employers with local compliance so they can more efficiently scale their global teams, the company said.

Gusto Global is an Employer of Record solution that will help support full-time international workers, in part by delivering insurance and benefits options to employees internationally. In addition, the companies believe it will be assist customers in improving the employee experience through its tools, which include time off tracking, expenses, reporting, onboarding checklists and organization charts. The collaboration should also ensure compliance with local tax, HR and payroll requirements.

In their announcement, Gusto and Remote said they would introduce more features to the solution in the future, including goal tracking, employee pulse surveys and performance management tools.

The solution will launch late this year, and began beta testing in Canada in June.

Rules and Compliance

The penalties for breaking laws and not meeting local requirements for international employees can be hefty, including possible fines and even jail time in some cases, Gusto said. So, getting compliance right when hiring talent around the globe is important.

“Work looks different than ever before. As more businesses go remote, they’ve had to learn to collaborate across different tools, time zones and cultures,” said Gusto Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Tomer London. “Gusto and Remote are teaming up to help make hiring around the world easier and faster, while reducing risk for entrepreneurs and growing businesses.”

According to TechCrunch, the deal comes as Gusto generated $500 million in revenue during its most recent fiscal year, which ended in April. Gusto’s total valuation is now set at $9.6 billion. Additionally, TechCrunch said the company “has a key profitability benchmark within reach, anticipating reaching free cash flow in the next few quarters.”

Image: Gusto

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