‘Health Intelligence’ Gains Visibility as Employers Face Virus


Employee health data has jumped in value as employers struggle to manage both their business and workforce amidst the spreading coronavirus. Though no one’s happy with the circumstance, some vendors might find more willing listeners once the pandemic subsides.

The tools of one such company—Springbuk, an Indianapolis-based provider of “health intelligence”—have proved to be well-suited to helping employers cope with the emergency. “Our product as it sits today can do virtually anything that the employer is looking to accomplish,” said CEO Rod Reasen. “We are focused on helping HR, benefits and business leaders prevent disease in their employee populations.”

Employee health data has jumped in value as employers struggle to manage both their business and workforce amidst the #coronavirus. #HR #HRtech @springbukhealth Share on X

Springbuk’s health intelligence tools surface and recommend strategies and plans to address potential health-related problems among a company’s workforce. “Our focus is to help employers understand how to use their resources, to effectively spend for the best ROI with … their people,” Reasen told us. 

Health Intelligence vs. Data Warehouse

Contrasting Springbuk’s platform with typical data warehouses or analytics tools, Reasen said,” We get the premise of a data warehouse—collect all of your information in one spot. But the problem is that you still need to know the questions that you’re trying to solve for.” Springbuk’s health intelligence platform is a software layer that sits on top of the data warehouse, he explained. “It goes in proactively with our own proprietary algorithms and finds opportunities within the population that are actionable.”

For example, Springbuk can analyze medical claims, pharmacy and insurance data to identify at-risk populations. Medical professionals can then reach out to answer questions about prevention, prescription refills, doctor’s appointments or other topics. That can be especially useful in situations like those related to the virus. “I think it’s a good opportunity for employers to just help connect that healthcare ecosystem,” Reasen said.

Reason believes the pandemic will be “a tipping point” for the company. In the last few weeks, many employers have discovered that their data warehouses can’t provide the answers they need to guide them through the pandemic, he said. “We believe this is an opportunity for us to differentiate from the marketplace of traditional data warehouses.”

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