Hired.com Acquires Py to Add Assessment Features

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Career marketplace Hired.com has acquired Py, a Y Combinator company whose suite of assessment and screening tools helps employers evaluate engineering talent. Py’s staff will join Hired immediately and its products—Py for Work and the Py app—will be incorporated into Hired’s platform.

Several new products have emerged from the acquisition. The first, Hired Assessments, is based on Py for Work and offers online coding quizzes and challenges, real-world projects and a “live code” environment. It also allows managers to view, rewind, fast forward and save live candidate challenges.

Hired Assessments adds efficiency, speed and predictability to Hired’s tools. For employers, the product provides customization and standardized testing, which will reduce bias and allow them to fine-tune assessments to meet their specific hiring needs. For candidates, it adds features such as practice coding exams and interview preparation.

Hired also expanded its subscription model by introducing a tiered fee structure. The company said its new base-level package, Hired Essential, gives customers access to features that make hiring more predictable and flexible.

Among Hired’s customers are Nordstrom, Dropbox, Zuora and Booking.com.

Intelligent Matchmaking

Hired markets itself to both employers and candidates. It collects basic profile data as well as information what kind of job candidates are seeking, then runs all that through algorithms to determine what companies would be a good match. A big part of the company’s message is that it speeds the hiring process, so that companies can fill positions with the right candidates more quickly.

“Accurately measuring for intent and aptitude are two of the most important ways to increase hiring predictability,” CEO Mehul Patel said in a statement. While Hired has always provided a pipeline of active technology candidates, its new features allow customers to “rigorously validate candidates’ technical performance, too.” As a result, he said, “hiring teams can quickly determine which candidates are a good technical fit before sinking more hours into time-intensive interviews, culture-fit evaluations and meet-and-greets.”

More New Features

Hired also unveiled a new Interview Success Overviews feature. The company said Success Overviews can improve introduction-to-close rates by helping candidates arrive well-prepared for interviews. Success Overviews outlines an employer’s hiring steps and expectations, and also offers tips for success.

Another new feature, Employer Profiles, gives companies the opportunity to show off their benefits packages to candidates before interviews begin.

The company has also been busy on the integration front. Hired has linked up with Greenhouse, Workable, Jobvite and Lever to create seamless interview tracking processes for joint customers.

Between joining forces with Py and launching Hired Assessments to realizing the next phase of our subscription model with Essential, we’ve never been more bullish about Hired’s role in changing hiring forever,” said Patel. “Through our blend of marketplace and SaaS approaches, we’re giving much-needed hiring predictability to companies at last.”

Last year, Hired raised $30 million in Series D financing from a group led by the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario. That round brought its total funding to
$132 million, according to Crunchbase.

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