Hireology Incorporates ChatGPT into Platform

Human Like Robot

Hireology announced an AI-powered recruiting assistant, called Beaker. The tool can generate job descriptions in a matter of seconds, the company said, empowering employers to attract the right candidates more quickly for their open positions.

Beaker is powered by ChatGPT, an advanced language processing model developed by OpenAI. The product allows users to input details like a job title and location. Once they’re done, Beaker generates a clear and concise job description that is optimized for search.

Beaker’s not meant to remove humans from the job creation process, Hireology said, but rather to automate “cumbersome steps” to get new jobs posted more quickly and free up time for recruiters and managers to spend on more important tasks.

This announcement comes at a time when hiring remains more difficult than ever — especially for employers in industries hit hardest by the pandemic like hospitality, healthcare and retail. Hireology is designed to help employers navigate tough job markets, and Beaker is just one of many recruiting solutions the platform offers, including:

  • Direct integrations with leading job boards
  • Intuitive applicant tracking system
  • Employee referral program management
  • In-app candidate communication
  • Built-in background checks

Earlier this month, ShiftPixy, which designs, manages and sells access to a platform that facilitates employment in the rapidly growing gig economy, announced plans for the integration of OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, into its platform to streamline recruiting and opportunity matching for staffing efforts, a move that is set to revolutionize the way ShiftPixy finds, hires, and retains its national workforce.

Meanwhile, Hireology rolled out a new integration with Indeed, further expanding the companies’ partnership. The integration will allow Hireology customers to drive more relevant job applicants from Indeed, the company said. In addition, all new or updated external jobs created in Hireology will be sent directly to Indeed via an XML feed, ensuring that an employer’s up-to-date job content is automatically available in Indeed’s free search results.

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