How Technology Is Impacting Diversity and Inclusion in the Hiring Process

How Technology Is Impacting Diversity and Inclusion in the Hiring Process

Recent technological advancements have been changing the world of work, and the state of HR. From encouraging a diverse workforce to streamlining the entire process, there are many ways technology is impacting diversity and inclusion.

Allowing for a Diverse Contingent Workforce

As someone who has been running a remote-based company, one of the benefits of it is having a diverse contingent workforce. Since we operate remotely, having team members from many different ethnic backgrounds and places around the world has provided us with a great talent pool. Technological advancements have allowed such things to happen.

Nowadays, it is super easy to connect with talent and applicants from around the world. We usually use online job boards and freelancing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork to hire contingent workers. So far, we have had great success in acquiring diverse and talented individuals who contribute to the success of our company.

Additionally, we have been experimenting with integrating automated job-matching solutions such as Naukri RMS into our hiring process. We have found that AI-based applicant tracking software and job-matching solutions often eliminate bias in the recruiting process while ensuring a perfect fit for each position.

Paw Vej
Chief Operating Officer,

Using Bias-Correcting AI Algorithms

Implementing bias-correction algorithms is one powerful way we leverage technology in our HR processes. To be specific, using it in screening resumes and job applications can help to eliminate bias, ensuring every candidate is given a fair chance at success!

In particular, we use the Textio platform to identify and remove words and phrases that could be viewed as biased in job descriptions, resumes, and other hiring materials. This helps us to ensure that our job postings and hiring materials are inclusive and attract a diverse pool of candidates.

Additionally, we use HireVue, an AI-powered video interview platform that evaluates candidates based on their responses to pre-set questions without the influence of physical appearance, accent or other demographic characteristics. This helps to ensure that our hiring process is fair and objective and that we are able to attract and retain a diverse workforce for all.

Maria Harutyunyan
Co-Founder, Loopex Digital

Addressing Pay Disparities

As the team behind, a Chrome Extension that helps employers discover candidates’ compensation estimates, we see how technology can impact diversity in hiring. Our service helps employers avoid insulting salary offers and sidesteps the issue of asking candidates about their salary history.

However, data analysis revealed a significant pay gap between white employees and underrepresented minorities. We made a deliberate decision to address this by providing all candidates with the same estimated salary, regardless of race or any other demographic. This helps level the playing field in hiring and ultimately leads to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. We believe that this approach is essential to fostering a fair and equitable hiring process.

Maria Surkova

Increasing Number of Applications Scanned

One way technology impacts diversity and inclusion in the hiring process is through applicant tracking systems (ATS). An ATS allows you to effectively scan resumes and applications for keywords, enabling you to locate a more diverse pool of potential employees than would have traditionally been possible.

This opens up opportunities to hire people from different backgrounds and walks of life, bringing new perspectives and ideas into your organization. Furthermore, an ATS can score resumes on skills-related keywords, allowing an opportunity for those without the usual qualifications to compete alongside anyone else. This helps level the playing field, ensuring that organizations reach optimal diversity in their workforce during recruitment.

Jamie Irwin
Digital Marketing Executive, ELocker

Streamlining the Process

A talent experience platform can help companies make better decisions during the hiring process. This isn’t something we have specifically been doing, as we have already focused on making our team more diverse and inclusive through all aspects of the operation.

But this is a growing trend that can help other companies increase diversity, remove any bias during hiring, and-most importantly-make better hiring decisions.

Talent experience platforms allow you to streamline your hiring process using AI, video interviews, assessments, and more. Some platforms can even implement specific criteria to remove bias and also help you make your team more diverse. It can do so much for you during the hiring process.

Shaun Connell
Founder & CEO, Credit Building Tips

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