HR Acuity Acquires Workplace Reporting Platform Speakfully

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HR Acuity, which provides SaaS solutions for employee relations case management and HR investigations, acquired Speakfully, a platform designed to help employees express their concerns about the workplace.

Formed in 2018, Speakfully allows companies to use a secure portal to manage workplace issues and employee feedback. The company offers data and analytics to HR teams to help them understand employee sentiment. It also provides employees with a direct line of communication when they are experiencing a problem.

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That fits nicely, though not exactly, with HR Acuity’s focus, which weights heavily toward making data available to its users. (In its 2020 HR Metrics Survey, data analysis firm XpertHR found that HR is almost always involved in analyzing workforce metrics, though other departments may be involved as well.)

“Creating a transparent and trusted relationship between employees and their employer has never been more critical,” said HR Acuity CEO Deb Muller. “This is a first and necessary step companies must take if they want the insights that will enable them to take proactive steps toward creating better, more inclusive workplaces.”

‘A Natural Extension’

Speakfully CEO Jana Morrin called the acquisition a “natural extension of our mission to provide as many employees as possible [with] a safe and private way to report workplace concerns.”

Through Speakfully, employees can submit their issues and receive updates on their resolution. They can choose to share their identity or submit their concerns anonymously. Once they’ve done that, HR can develop insights from the submissions and work them into the priorities of employers and conversations they need to have with their staff in the future.

HR Acuity said the acquisition will help further its push to lead in the area of employee relations case management and investigations, extending its reach with end-to-end employee capabilities.

In late 2021, HR Acuity closed a a $47 million minority investment from K1 Investment Management.

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