Immerse Launches VR Tech for Workforce Training

Immerse Launches VR Tech for Workforce Training

Enterprise virtual reality platform provider Immerse launched VR in a BOX, a solution for enterprises looking to begin their working with VR.

The adoption of Extended Reality – the umbrella term for VR, augmented reality and mixed reality – continues to gather steam among companies that need to train, upskill or reskill both their local or distributed workforce in almost any industry. However, because of the lack of knowledge that surrounds the technology and its implementation. implementing such solutions can be daunting. 

Immerse launched VR Tech for workforce training, VR in a BOX for enterprises looking to begin their working with VR. #HR #HRTech @immerse Share on X

For that reason, VR in a BOX is designed for enterprise companies that have little or no VR experience. Immerse said the product provides all of the tools and software components necessary to implement its platform along with XR initiatives across the company.  

Immerse believes VR in a BOX will help enterprises aggregate content, distribute solutions and gain insights into the effectiveness of VR training.

Implementing VR

According to Immerse, VR in a Box contains a headset with pre-installed, customer-chosen training content, as well as the company’s Mobile Device Management, which allows employers to control the content. Each training app is integrated with the Immerse platform. In addition, SAP customers will be able to integrate their platform with SuccessFactors.

In addition, the platform tracks data across a range of levels, from completion statements to every user interaction.

“After over 10 years in the industry, we realized companies often felt overwhelmed by the adoption process and didn’t know where to start,” said Immerse Chief Commercial Officer Heath Shatouhy. VR in a BOX, he said, “provides an easy to understand solution for CIO’s, CLO’s, HR leaders and their teams to help them implement Immerse’s platform.”

To date, organizations implementing the Immerse platform have seen a 76% reduction in accident risk, a 50% reduction in training time and a 77% overall ROI, Immerse said.

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