Improving Employee Training and Development With HR Tech

Improving Employee Training and Development With HR Tech

To gain insights into the innovative ways HR technology is being used to enhance employee training and development, we posed this question to industry professionals, including training and development specialists and managers. From leveraging Learning Management Systems (LMS) for professional development to adopting adaptive learning for personalized training, discover the strategies these experts shared.

Use Multiple Platforms for Diverse Training Needs

In our organization, we use various HR technology platforms to enhance employee training and development, each tailored to specific objectives, employee requirements, and job roles. 

For example, one platform is designed to deliver role-specific training to new team members, complementing our comprehensive onboarding process. Another platform focuses on preparing our interns for upcoming licensing exams, while yet another brings our entire organization together on a monthly basis for company-wide training.

Although our ideal scenario would involve a single platform that addresses all our training needs, this isn’t feasible. Consequently, we have effectively leveraged the available platforms, ensuring cost efficiency and engagement while prioritizing our overarching goals and needs.

Michelle Rothfus
Training and Development Manager, BSB Design, Inc.

Take a Data-Driven Approach 

One way NamanHR leverages HR technology to enhance employee training and development is through implementing Learning Management Systems (LMS). By integrating LMS platforms, we have streamlined and centralized our training programs, simplifying the creation, management and delivery of a wide range of learning materials. Employees can conveniently access training modules, courses and resources online, enabling self-paced learning and flexibility.

Moreover, the LMS system offers valuable analytics and tracking capabilities, enabling the project team to gain insights into individual and group progress. This data-driven approach empowers us to customize development plans and interventions accordingly. In summary, our strategic use of HR tech, particularly LMS, has proven instrumental in nurturing a culture of learning, improving efficiency and facilitating data-driven decisions for employee development in our organization.

Fehmida Merchant
L&D Consultant, NamanHR

Provide Personalized Learning Paths and Real-Time Feedback

First, we’ve harnessed HR technology to create personalized learning paths for our employees. Instead of the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, our HR tech analyzes individual skills, strengths and weaknesses. This data helps us tailor training programs to meet each employee’s unique needs. 

In addition, we’ve implemented a real-time feedback mechanism through our HR technology. This allows employees to receive instant feedback on their training progress, identify areas that need improvement and make necessary adjustments on the fly.

Finally, our HR tech has facilitated seamless remote learning and collaboration. Especially in today’s remote and hybrid work environments, the technology has enabled us to provide on-demand training modules accessible from anywhere. This flexibility has not only improved accessibility but also made it easier for employees to balance their work responsibilities with their training and development efforts.

Roy Lam
CEO and Co-Founder, GeniusHub Digital Marketing

Adopt Adaptive Learning for Personalized Training

One impactful way we’ve leveraged HR technology is by implementing “Adaptive Learning Platforms.” These platforms adjust training content in real-time based on an employee’s performance, ensuring they receive tailored resources suited to their learning pace and style. 

This personalization has not only streamlined the training process but also improved retention and engagement rates. Employees feel more supported in their development, knowing that the training is specifically designed to cater to their individual needs and strengths.

Carlos Trillo
Founder and CEO, Evinex

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