Indeed Lets Employers Bundle Skills Tests Into Job Postings

Skills Tests

Indeed has added a “skills test bundling” feature as well as the ability for job seekers to take and add skills assessment results to their profiles. 

The feature, which is free, is being rolled out in the U.S. With it, employers who post a position on Indeed can add tests that relate to the job. For example, a test on social media skills can be bundled with a posting for a marketing manager position. Each posting can include up to two tests.

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Indeed says both recruiters and candidates like the idea of skills testing. In a recent survey, it found 55 percent of recruiting and hiring decision-makers believe resumes are insufficient for evaluating candidates. Also, 58 percent are more likely to advance candidates who are able to demonstrate they the skills required for a particular position. Seventy-one percent of recruiters who use skills tests say they make it easier to identify relevant candidates.

From the candidate’s point of view, Indeed said 72 percent want to prove they have the skills necessary to succeed in a role, while 55 percent would feel more confident applying for a job if they could prove they had the needed proficiencies.

Everyone Loves Skills Tests

All this leads Indeed to believe that both recruiters and candidates will benefit from a tool that integrates testing into the application process. With the skills-testing feature, Indeed Assessment users can add pre-built tests into job postings or manually send them to candidates who’ve  already applied. Candidates aren’t required to take the tests, though Indeed says those that do are more likely to get a positive response.

Candidates don’t have to wait for employers, however. U.S. Job seekers who’ve signed up for Indeed can complete skills tests and add the results to their Indeed Resume. U.S. employers who use Indeed Resume can filter for candidates who’ve demonstrated they have the skills that match their needs.

More than 100 skills tests are available, and Indeed says most can be completed in five to 10 minutes. The tests are organized into four categories: cognitive & psychometric, computer skills, job skills and language. Among employers, Indeed said some of the more popular tests reliability, customer service fit, customer focus and orientation, and attention to detail.  

Indeed Assessments was launched last May, after acquiring Interviewed, which developed screening tools to assess areas such as programming skills, language skills and personality traits. At the time, the company said Assessments would “democratize” talent acquisition by reviewing candidates based on their skills and minimize recruiters’ dependence on resumes.

Updated Jan. 16, 2020, to clarify added features.

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