Indeed’s New Hiring Platform Links Automation, Video Interviews

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Indeed incorporated features that allow employers to manage their hiring process directly on the job board’s platform, without needing additional software or integrations. With the product’s emphasis on automation, the company believes it can significantly cut the time needed to move candidates from application to hire.

The Indeed Hiring Platform provides an integrated approach to sourcing, screening and video-interview scheduling, eliminating the need for recruiters to handle routine tasks such as reading resumes and scheduling interviews, the company said.

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In a blog post, Indeed described the platform as a solution that helps automate time-consuming steps such as scheduling and candidate communications based on a company’s job criteria and hiring needs. “This allows talent acquisition teams to fast-forward to the candidate interview, dramatically shortening the time it takes to get candidates into jobs,” it said.

CEO Chris Hyams positioned the product as a logical follow-on to Indeed Interview, the video-interview feature launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Now we’ve connected the dots from job search directly to interview,” he said.  

The platform allows employers to set screening criteria that run against the databases of Indeed and its sister company, Glassdoor. Indeed claims that 80% of online job seekers in the U.S. use either its service or Glassdoor, meaning Hiring Platform offers employers notable reach through a single platform.

Candidates can directly showcase their skills and qualifications to employers, added Indeed Senior Vice President Maggie Hulce. In addition, those who meet a job’s criteria can immediately progress to an interview.

“When you have to rapidly grow or rebuild your workforce, the traditional approaches for sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, and manually scheduling interviews feel painfully slow,” said Hulce. “It’s a better experience for both the job seeker and employer if you automate the steps that lead to the interview, so the human connections needed to make hires happen faster.”

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