isolved Launches Conversational AI Chatbot to Aid Information Access

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isolved unveiled new features for its HCM platform along with a conversational AI chatbot. Initially, the new capabilities are being rolled out for Microsoft Teams.

Conversational virtual assistants are becoming a standard way to interact with technology products, isolved said. Among other things, they offer users simpler ways to access information and services. And, indeed, employees seem to like the approach: A survey by isolved found that 71% of full-time workers would use a conversational VA to accomplish HR tasks.

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“Conversational virtual assistants are now a part of our everyday lives yet aren’t widely available where we spend most of our time – at work,” observed James Norwood, isolved’s chief marketing and strategy officer. Applying conversational technology allows employees to deal with HR tasks more quickly than before, he said.

The additions to isolved People Cloud will let employees use the chatbot to ask questions, get answers and complete everyday HR tasks without having to log into their HCM platform or wait for a response from the HR help desk. The company said such access allows user to retrieve information more quickly in areas such as time-off balances or benefits.

In addition to freeing up employee time, the product provides employers with usage information and workflows to:  

  • Simplify the Onboarding Process: Employers can help new employees settle in using Microsoft Teams with a built-in interactive chat experience. The aim here is to kickstart an employee’s first days of work and make it easier for them to find what they need, feel connected and become productive more quickly.
  • Simplify Employee Communication: The virtual assistant helps employees find answers to common questions about their work schedule, timecard information, elected benefits and payroll matters.

isolved expects subsequent releases will expand its capabilities into other areas, such as talent acquisition and talent management. For example, it will gather employee feedback via pulse surveys and help HR and business leaders schedule polls, quizzes and broadcasts. At the same time, the system will provide analytics to help improve engagement and processes.

Integrations to Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber are also planned, the company said.

In March, isolved added an Adaptive Employee Experience, an interface meant to help ensure an accessible employee experience through People Cloud HCM. Speaking on the HCM Technology Report’s PeopleTech, isolved’s Vice President of Solutions, Product and Marketing Strategy Geoff Webb said the adaptive experience was meant to make the platform easier to use and consistent across devices.

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