JazzHR Partners With Assessment Firm Wonderlic, Says Deal Will Streamline Workflows

Jigsaw Integration

SMB recruiting platform provider JazzHR will build an integration allowing users to view pre-hire assessment results from Wonderlic’s Wonscore product.

Wonscore’s assessments evaluate candidates for cognitive ability, motivation and personality. The companies said reviewing results without leaving JazzHR will save time and help talent acquisition teams increase the quality of their hires. 

The companies’ partnership will also give Wonderlic users access to JazzHR’s recruiting solution. Teams that already use pre-employment testing will be able to streamline their processes by automating a number of recruiting tasks as well as take advantage of JazzHR’s partner network. 

JazzHR and Wonderlic say their integration will save talent acquisition teams time and help increase the quality of their hires. @JazzDotCo @Wonderlic #HR #HRTech #Assessments Click To Tweet

Wonderlic provides assessments and surveys to both businesses and schools for hiring and student selection. The company says Wonderlic was “the first cloud-based, self-service pre-employment testing platform.”

Everyone Wants Better Workflows

JazzHR’s and Wonderlic’s deal is the latest in a flurry of partnerships meant to streamline the talent acquisition workflow. Recently, for example, Phenom People and Sense launched products to improve productivity for recruiters and hiring managers. Leoforce introduced self-scheduling into its Arya product, while Infor and Montage partnered to help companies more easily coordinate scheduling, assessment and interviews.

Also, in April JazzHR unveiled enhancements to reduce the number of administrative chores recruiters must deal with in their pursuit of candidates.

We’ve observed previously that streamlined workflows don’t seem to resonate with HR technology buyers in the same way candidate experience does. That’s why vendors so often stress their product’s impact on candidate engagement even when they’re pushing tools for video interviews, job postings or other tools.

That’s not a bad thing, but it’s part of a larger trend. At UNLEASH America in May, a majority of exhibitors somehow tied their message into engagement. Almost any tool that addressed any chore by employees, candidates or hiring managers was positioned as a critical improvement to the overall employment experience.

Corrected July 15, 2019, to remove reference to Athletic Intelligence Quotient, which was erroneously connected to Wonderlic.

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