Jobvite, ClearCompany Unveil LinkedIn Integrations


Two ATS platforms have announced integrations with LinkedIn, allowing users to take advantage of an expanded set of capabilities without having to toggle between systems.

Jobvite and ClearCompany will both use LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect to streamline the experience of users they share with the business networking site.

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First, Jobvite: It will expand the available integrations between its ATS and LinkedIn Recruiter, making it the first ATS to offer LinkedIn Unified Search, Recommended Matches and the new Apply Connect integrations.

Unified Search allows recruiters to source candidates from both the LinkedIn network and Jobvite records through a single search, conducted on either platform. Recommended Matches enables recruiters to post new job requisitions in Jobvite, then source from a pipeline of candidates from LinkedIn.

Apply Connect is intended to save recruiters time and improve the candidate experience. Recruiters can use it to automatically post jobs on LinkedIn, then receive applications within Jobvite. Users can access LinkedIn applicant data including skills, company connections and profile, again within Jobvite. On the candidate side, users can complete job applications without leaving LinkedIn, and are notified when their application has been viewed or a job has closed.  

Integration for Simplicity

Meanwhile, talent technology provider ClearCompany said it will use Recruiter System Connect to link its ATS to LinkedIn Recruiter. The integration will allow ClearCompany users to view up-to-date candidate records and see more applicant data from within LinkedIn Recruiter. At the same time, expanded history data will indicate whether a candidate has already applied to a requisition or interviewed from within ClearCompany.

ClearCompany said the integration will make its ATS easier to use, since candidates’ LinkedIn information will appear in their ClearCompany profile.

In November, LinkedIn launched jobs and hiring features including a new Recruiter and Jobs platform, which makes the hiring process more efficient for managers. The launch brought together LinkedIn Jobs, Recruiter and Pipeline Builder into a single platform.

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