Lattice Joins With Focused Partners to Offer Specialized Survey Templates

Lattice Survey

Lattice released six specialized survey templates, all of them co-developed with people-centric organizations from across the HR industry. The company said these partners offer specialized expertise that can help employers address people management challenges.

The “highly targeted” templates can help uncover insights into specialized topics that are closely tied to employee engagement and growth, Lattice said, including manager effectiveness, change management and DEI. 

Lattice argues that engagement surveys are among the most effective ways for HR to understand the needs of their employees. That, in turn, enables the collection of deeper on a range of topics that can offer a more detailed view of the employee experience.

At the same time, surveys often uncover challenges around more specialized topics such as DEI or change management, which ultimately require more nuanced questions to get at the actionable insights that can drive change, Lattice said.

“The reality is that the current economic environment, changing business needs and employee sentiment will continue to present new challenges for people leaders to navigate,” said Dave Carhart, vice president of Lattice’s People Strategy Group. “Targeted surveys, when done right, can allow you to dig into a particular focus area and draw out the depth and nuance of understanding required to drive tangible organizational change.”

Each template follows survey-methodology best practices and includes administration guidance and customized action steps to help HR improve their scores in specific area, Lattice said. Among the areas the templates address:

  • Performance Management, developed with Hone.
  • Career Pathing, developed with HRSG.
  • Manager Effectiveness, developed with LifeLabs Learning.
  • Change Management, developed with livingHR.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, developed with Peoplism.
  • Learning & Development, developed with PuzzleHR.

The new survey templates are now available for Lattice Engagement customers, and Lattice has made questions from five of the surveys available for free in its Resources for Humans Templates Library.

In March, Lattice launched a consulting network, the People Strategy Group. An evolution of Lattice’s Advisory Services, PSG is designed to help leaders build effective people programs, improve employee engagement, maximize team performance and drive better business results.  

Image: Lattice

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