Leaders’ Top 5 HR Compliance Wish List Must-Haves

Leaders' Top 5 HR Tech Wish List Must-Haves

To examine the challenges of compliance and data security in HR processes, we spoke with chief operating officers and a chief data and analytics officer. Their solutions range from an AI compliance and security solution to a multi-version document-redaction platform. Dive into their expert insights to discover the must-have HR technology solutions they believe would revolutionize the industry.

Integrated HRMS/HCM Software for Compliance

An integrated HRMS/HCM software solution ensures compliance and data security by offering encryption, access controls, compliance monitoring, data auditing, document management, automated reporting, data privacy features, training tracking, secure communication, disaster recovery and vendor security compliance. 

This comprehensive approach addresses challenges related to unauthorized access, data breaches and compliance with HR laws and regulations, providing a centralized, automated and secure platform for managing HR processes and safeguarding sensitive HR data.

Jonathan Hedger
Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, OnlyDataJobs.com

AI-Driven Compliance and Security Hub

An AI-driven compliance and security Hub is on our wish list as a comprehensive HR technology solution. This tool will seamlessly integrate with existing HR systems, continuously monitoring and updating compliance requirements. It will automate the tracking of regulatory changes, ensuring our HR processes consistently adhere to evolving policies and laws. 

We envision the hub implementing robust encryption and permission-based access controls to address data security challenges. It may also incorporate AI algorithms to identify potential security breaches or unauthorized access, providing real-time alerts.

By aligning compliance and security measures, the solution will streamline our audits and mitigate the risk of penalties from non-compliance. Ultimately, this approach will enhance the overall efficiency and trustworthiness of our HR processes.

Dhari Alabdulhadi
CTO and Founder, Ubuy Kuwait

Real-Time Regulation Embedding in Data

I would love to have a solution that embeds regulations and policy rules in real time, right into the data. If you could have data elements tagged with the country or jurisdiction and applicable regulation, as well as internal policies and procedures, that would significantly help facilitate compliance and cut down on the back-and-forth conversations and misunderstandings of policy and regulatory language. 

As new regulations and company policies are developed for AI, facilitating compliance will become more complex, and it will be all the more important to have the ability to quickly and easily identify what data you can and can’t use for a particular purpose.

Meghan Anzelc, Ph.D.
Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Three Arc Advisory

Multi-Version Document-Redaction Platform

The fields of a single document can selectively be viewed on a need-to-know basis by different personnel with varying degrees of permission, without manually generating a document copy each time. 

Another way to utilize it is to allow job applicants to submit attachments to job applications as links, which would expire if they weren’t hired or left the company, further boosting data-security compliance. 

Derek Capo
COO, Starquix.com

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